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White Washed Plank - Wallpaper - Kitchen




Wood is not only a very important material used structurally in all manners of architecture and building, but also a classic and timeless element to feature in interior design. As oRead morenly a few natural materials are as versatile and adaptable, making use of wood wallpaper as interior design in everything from a rustic, country home right up to the most modern, artistic of office spaces is totally viable. Wood wallpaper is especially able to catch a certain organic warmth that is difficult to replicate or imitate. The high quality and rich detail of wood wallpaper also allows you to edit, modify or adjust them in accordance to your aesthetic, colour scheme and overall design for the residential, commercial or recreational space you have chosen to revamp, revitalize and refresh.

Factors in the wood wallpaper selection

When it comes down to wood wallpaper for your interior design, there are a few important factors to keep in mind during the motif selection process. While there are certainly a wide variety of different interior styles, once you have an idea of the style of your space that you want to design or redecorate, you will find it much easier to select the right wood wallpaper to compliment the room in your home, office or recreational space. Another vital aspect is the colour scheme of the space. If there is already a colour scheme present you must match your selected wood wallpaper to match. Too dark of a colour can overpower the rest of the room, while going with too light of a wood wallpaper can make a bold colour scheme look weak. Luckily enough, Photowall provides the option of adjusting said colours in the wood wallpaper assemblage so you don't have to constantly change interiors.

Placement of the wood wallpaper

As wood is already a go-to material for exteriors, you must take careful consideration when bringing this idea indoors in the form of a wood wallpaper. Wood wallpaper is more versatile than many think and is not at all limited to rustic or rugged interiors. Take a gander at Chevron Wood! This vibrant yet cozy wood wallpaper is beautiful, stylish with a modern design. This motif in the wood wallpaper assemblage is very reminiscent of a ski resort or high-end vacation cabin, looking much more upscale than something you may find in a cottage-like setting. On the opposite end of the spectrum is Brown Colored Plank, which could be equally useful in residential or commercial spaces. This deeper toned wood wallpaper and use of broad boards nearly has a natural survivor theme to it.

The popularity of wood wallpaper

Since the Stone Age, wood has been the go-to construction material for builders and designers alike. Since wood used to be a living organism, it contains that specific spiritual energy that affects us in a positive way and helps create a comfortable environment. You can now bring this deep and meaningful sentiment into your home, office or other space by getting one these amazing motifs in the wood wallpaper lineup. Aside from it being one of the most versatile elements evident in all good designs, wood wallpaper is also a simple way to bring nature into every room of your residential or commercial space. Look at Worn Wooden Panel, wood wallpaper that immediately transmits a feel of comfort and warmth. It puts you at ease and looks great in whichever room you want to spruce up, redecorate or embellish.
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