What is the difference between an illustration and a painting? This is an often discussed subject among many people. Our top-notch illustrations wallpaper selection will certainly hRead moreelp shed light on this debate. While illustrations are pictorial representations that help people further recognize and imagine the associated textual content, paintings are pictorial or visual representations used more often to express spirits, feelings and emotions induced within the painter. That does not mean, however, that illustration cannot contain the same sentiment and emotion, which you will also see upon viewing this high-class illustrations wallpaper lineup.

Defining an illustration

An illustration, in its most basic form, is a visual representation of an idea, a concept, real or imaginative objects and varying scenes. You will observe this as you peruse our detailed and specially selected top-grade illustrations wallpaper assemblage. All these could be in the form of a drawing or even a painting, but does not necessarily make it the same as a painting. Some illustrations may also be digitally created using a computer, which is common and understandable in this modern age. Illustrations are one of the most powerful tools in the field of communication design, which is why our assortment of illustrations wallpaper makes for a great component in interior design.

Subjects of illustrations wallpaper

In general, the theme of an illustrations wallpaper can be practically anything, whether this is related to art, politics, nature, sports or other forms of entertainment. In Photowall's excellent illustrations wallpaper selection, we cover matters as diverse as landscapes, fauna, the animal world and even architecture. Illustrations wallpaper of this high value and meticulousness are a superb piece in any residential or commercial space, as it elevates the room into something special and memorable, not just for you but also any company you have coming over or visiting.

Some samples of illustrations wallpaper

One of the most prominent and noticeable illustrations wallpaper is Monkey See Monkey Wah, an incredibly charismatic motif that depicts numerous kinds of monkeys in a jungle, with the aesthetic and drawing style being similar to biology books of the past. It has tremendous style and charm, beautifully elegant tones of brown, subtle green and classy beige. An illustrations wallpaper such as this is a guaranteed hit not just in terms of style, but also as a beautification that makes a room pop.

Sublety is key

For fans of the more understated and uncomplicated, items such as the likes of Trees Dusty Pink is the way to go if you wish to decorate your space with a gorgeous illustrations wallpaper. This beautiful illustrations wallpaper is a vertical masterpiece showing a horizon of trees in sophisticated basic colours, with its defining character being similar to classic Japanese paintings. A motif like this would be an excellent decor in any hallway, whether this is a residence or an office space. Make your space your own by adding these illustrations wallpaper assortment to your arsenal in redecorating or newly designing a home, workplace or a recreational space of your choosing. Photowall has the best illustrations wallpaper selection you can hope for!
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