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Dormouse - Hedgehogframe - Green - Purple - Wallpaper - Nursery




Cute critters such as rodents can be a great and whimsical addition to any wall of your choosing in your home, office space or recreational area. Photowall's excellent assemblage ofRead more rodents wallpaper are superb in detail, design, colours and of course, quality. These rodents wallpaper can also be very useful in fixing up your child's room, study space or play area, as we have very child-friendly and affable motifs, all of which can naturally be requested for your own and specific modifications and adjustments. Match your rodents wallpaper in accordance with your interior design colour, plan and overall scheme.

Establishing a difference in rodents wallpaper

Let us take a look first at an important factor when it comes to the topic of rodents. Besides the fact that rats and mice look different, there are quite a few other disparities between these two. Your rodents wallpaper decorating efforts will be most successful when you understand each of these creatures present in this decorative covers category. One of the most important differences, first and foremost, is in the behavior between mice and rats, wherein it is a fact that mice are a lot more curious and rats are very cautious. Mice are also afraid of rats because rats will kill and eat mice, sadly. Physically, compared to mice, rats are much larger, have coarser fur, and have proportionately larger heads and feet. So logically, it also makes sense that mice are the much cuter rodent to have as a rodents wallpaper to adorn your residential or commercial space.

Squirrels in rodents wallpaper

If you think about squirrels at all for your interior decoration, the description of these animals is fairly generic no matter where you, or they live. Squirrels have a long, bushy, tail, large dark eyes, tiny ears, and are generally brown, black or gray. This makes them an ideal being to be the subject of a rodents wallpaper in your room. These creatures have large teeth and climb trees quickly thanks to their tiny hands tipped with sharp claws with which they like to hide food, such as acorns, in trees or bury them in the ground for winter as reserve food. Squirrels are close cousins to other rodent species such as rats and mice. With squirrels being a popular animal for children, their cute nature can be used ideally as a rodents wallpaper. Your boy or girl will surely appreciate a piece like Squirrel from the rodents wallpaper section, a bright and cheerful work of art with an adorable squirrel as the center of a pleasant colour scheme.

Dormice in rodents wallpaper

A fun fact to knows that the dormouse can hibernate up to six months out of the year, or even longer if the weather does not become warm enough for them, sometimes waking for only very brief periods to eat the food they had previously stored nearby. Their name is based on this particular trait, it comes from the Anglo-Norman term dormeus, which means the sleepy one. This nugget of information suggests that a rodents wallpaper showcasing a dormouse might be suitable for a bedroom, a child's bedroom in particular. Dormouse - Hedgehogframe - Purple Beige is a specifically gorgeous motif of rodents wallpaper that depicts the charming rodents during the summer, where it accumulates fat in its bodies to nourish them through the hibernation period. Get yourself a wonderful item such as Dormouse - Gooseframe - Green Beige that also shows the dormouse's young, which are called pinkies.
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