People have always loved watching colourful and pretty butterflies float from flower to flower. It is an almost ancient fascination with these creatures because butterflies are a deRead moreep and powerful representations of life and themes of transformation or even rebirth. This is why in many cultures, people associate the butterfly with our souls or spirits. You can bring this sentiment into your home, office or recreational space by getting one of Photowall's excellent butterflies wallpaper. The unique designs, rich details and vibrant colours will match or contrast perfectly with any interior design, colour scheme or overall aesthetic. Around the world, people view the butterfly as representing change, hope and endurance. Import this vital idea and inspiration into your residential or commercial space. In addition, you can edit these motifs to suit your general design plan.

Further symbolization in butterflies wallpaper

Through numerous stories, we have surely heard of butterflies symbolizing life struggles that people have endured to emerge as a better person, hence the aforementioned theme of rebirth and transformation. The life cycle of a butterfly actually has four steps, namely eggs, caterpillar also known as the larva, pupa and the final stage of adult. Inside the chrysalis, the pupa changes into an adult butterfly. This transformation can take a few days for some kinds of butterflies or up to a year for others! This makes a butterfly themed butterflies wallpaper even more rewarding once you know the short but rich lives these insects live. It signifies that we must make the most out of life and that change can be abrupt or gestating, but always constant. In fact, butterflies wallpaper is a great remnant of change being amazing and life-altering. Bugs & Butterflies Offwhite - Small shows the cycle of life in an ecosystem, another powerful way to remind us to always take care of the environment when we can.

Life is too short

Butterflies live just a few weeks, usually, which is another very important fact to know about them. Once it emerges from its chrysalis as a full-fledged adult, a butterfly has only 2-4 short weeks to live in most cases. During that time, it focuses all its energy on two tasks, which is eating and mating. A butterflies wallpaper in your home, office or recreational space can jog one's memory back to such basic needs and wants we all have. Once again, it tells us to focus on the important things in life, something very powerful for something that is a decoration, in essence. A butterflies wallpaper such as Butterfly Poetry - Pink and Grey can revitalize our batteries and hunger for life, with its splendid tones, tints and tinges. The attractive mix of different shades will make you feel hopeful and awaken another purpose. So this would be an ideal butterflies wallpaper for your living room or family area.

Butterflies wallpaper as keepsake

Butterflies employ all kinds of tricks to keep from being eaten, even though they rank pretty low on the food chain, with lots of hungry predators happy to make a meal of them. Some butterflies fold their wings to blend into the background, using camouflage to render themselves all but invisible to predators. Being a survivor also ranks high up on the sort of inspiration needed in ideas for redecorating your space, thus a butterflies wallpaper makes the most sense. They also employ tricks such as imitating other insects with bright colours that are toxic, some could say a butterflies wallpaper shows that you can live a life in fast lane.
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