Vintage Furniture

First off, let us discuss what exactly constitutes vintage furniture. Generally the consensus is that vintage furniture is anything that is at least 20 years old. Within this categoryRead more, newer and restored pieces, especially those dating from the 50s to 80s are generally considered retro. This vintage furniture wall murals category really pays tribute to what can be referred to as truly vintage. Keep in mind though that simply being old does not make any furniture vintage in the technical sense, although most people use the term old and vintage interchangeably. To earn the title vintage, the piece should also be an example of what defined a particular style of that period. Just like our vintage furniture wall murals, they simply exhibit the best characteristics of that era. You can create a unique look in your chosen space, whether it is a residential area like the living room at home, or a more commercial interior such as the break room at the office.

The magic of books in vintage furniture wall murals

Whether you are a reader or even an author, libraries are both a treasure trove and a retreat. The peace and quiet in these places are calming and the endless shelves of books are so easy on the eyes. Check out our array of vintage furniture wall murals to see some beautiful examples. Libraries just have something so innately intriguing about them, because it houses so much knowledge and stories. Nowadays the internet provides an instant research tool but sometimes digging through real pages makes for a more rewarding experience. Recreate this charm with vintage furniture wall murals of libraries. The charm of items such as "Old Library" can be such a massive advantage when using it as your interior decoration. This vintage furniture wall mural also comes in the classic black and white, lending the subject even more character.

For the kids

Even though these vintage furniture wall murals look old, the young ones will also appreciate it. Nostalgia and vintage is in, especially when partnered with the right decorative elements. Children will be delighted in the gorgeous colour combinations on display. These vintage furniture wall murals are affable and child-friendly, something that comes in handy when embellishing the walls in family-oriented rooms. "Meeting in a Yellow Bureau", for example, combines the beauty of a vintage drawer with the always popular element of nature. In this particular case, it is cute cats that will make the kids more than happy. This kind of vintage furniture wall murals can look great in any space but especially in kid's bedrooms, study areas or play pens. "Bear and Teddy" is another great choice when it comes to upgrading the interiors of the spaces your children frequent. Use vintage furniture wall murals to let the youngsters enjoy spending time indoors when the weather is not that good.

More vintage furniture wall murals

Lets admit it, when you think of vintage, sometimes medieval buildings and all that pop into your head. Vintage furniture wall murals feature exactly these kinds of sights. Take a look at "Ornate Cliffe Castle" for the most concrete example of this. This vintage furniture wall mural highlights Cliffe Castle, which was originally the home of Victorian millionaire and textile manufacturer, Henry Isaac Butterfield. Completed in the 1880s, the building was funded by the Butterfield family’s industrial empire which included wool textile mills and a shipping business that took British goods to Europe, America and China. The completed house was a showpiece of international art and French decoration, as you can see in vintage furniture wall murals. When you see this beauty, you can just tell it was the scene of many glittering social events.
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