Hot Air Balloons

If you want something truly unique in your interiors, why not make one of the most special modes of transportation the focal point of your wall decoration? Photowall has combined the Read morebeauty of flying with the nostalgic fascination for young and old folks alike in a category called Hot Air Balloons wall murals. A perfect accent to any den or living room, these Hot Air Balloons wall murals can serve as reminders of a nice holiday, or as an inspiration for your next trip. The abundance of colours and designs in this assortment will be of great help in sprucing up your space. As per usual, these images can be altered to match, or contrast, with your existing interior design as well as the colour schemes present in the room. Hot Air Balloons wall murals suit any residential, recreational and even corporate space.

Something for everybody

Aside from having different locations, which we will delve into later, you will also appreciate Hot Air Balloons wall murals because they are affable, comforting and child-friendly. Kids will absolutely love these different images, where there are photographs so detailed that you can feel the breeze almost. Hot Air Balloons wall murals also have works of art that give it an even more "childish" context, perfect for any kid's bedroom, study area or play pen. Check out Hot Air Balloons wall murals like "Balloon Flights", for example. The great colours and fantastic imagery of this Hot Air Balloons wall mural is a guaranteed hit among the young ones. For the slightly older kids or teenagers, maybe something more subtle and cool is the way to go. Take a look at "Stereolab", a beautifully simple but impressive Hot Air Balloons wall mural that will add great style to any wall decoration.

Hot Air Balloons wall murals background information

Let us be honest, if you actually need to get somewhere, a hot air balloon is a fairly impractical vehicle because you just can't really steer it. For those who have experienced it, you know that it only travels as fast as the wind blows. Nonetheless, you will see in Hot Air Balloons wall murals why many people describe it as being one of the most serene, enjoyable activities they have ever experienced. You also must know that Hot Air Balloons are an ingenious application of basic scientific principles. As you will observe in Hot Air Balloons wall murals, this type of transport is based on a very basic scientific principle: warmer air rises in cooler air. To keep the balloon rising, there needs to be a way to reheat the air. Hot Air Balloons do this with a burner positioned under an open balloon envelope. As the air in the balloon cools, the pilot can reheat it by firing the burner. This is something you can share with anyone who will undoubtedly admire your Hot Air Balloons wall murals in your space. Images such as "La Mongolfiera" can really fascinate people and generate interesting conversations with people.

Location is key

Although there are quite a few places featured in Hot Air Balloons wall murals, there is really one that stands out. Cappadocia in central Turkey is perhaps most well-known for the panoramic view of hundreds of hot air balloons ebbing and flowing above valleys. Take note that Cappadocia is a region in Turkey, not a city or town. It is pretty much in the center of Turkey, about 3 hours from Ankara, the capital. Every year thousands of people flock to this area to witness that aforementioned spectactle. Hot Air Balloons wall murals like "Sunrise Over Cappadocia" or "Cappodocia Hot Air Balloon" are grand examples of this. Imagine having such a view in your living room or in the office. Hot Air Balloons wall murals can absolutely take you on a great mental escape. These Hot Air Balloons wall murals can also inspire you to make the trip to these places someday.
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