To supplement any room with that extra layer of character and personality, give Photowall's cluster of high-standard painted wall murals from the surfaces category a shot. It is a welRead morel-known fact in interior design that most people often overlook surfaces and textures because we take them for granted, since we are so used to them being around us almost all the time. This goes for indoors as well as the outdoors environment. However, if you isolate a specific surface or texture, it brings out a trait of individualism, making the contrasts pop and come alive. Painted wall murals can literally transform any room from ordinary to spectacular. As per usual, these items can be modified to suit your existing aesthetic, colour schemes and any other decorative elements present.

Decoration made easy with painted wall murals

If you choose to design with images that add depth and pattern, such as painted wall murals, it will animate the room up and give it an ambience you are intending to create within your space. A great example of a painted wall mural that does this is the piece entitled "Tide Pool". At first glance it might seem abstract and all over the place, but the more you look at it, the more you get drawn it. The beautiful colour combinations evoke such warmth and calm that it would look perfect in any living room. If you want to take it even one step further and place a contrasting texture directly against the a painted wall mural, which will definitely enhance the vista even more, you can go for something more subtle such as "Daydream Neutral 01". The blending possibilities are vast in painted wall murals, you just have to look what suits and speaks to you the most.

Playing with contrast

If your design is modern, display a painted wall mural like "Street Art Painting" to add just enough grain to play up the rest of the room's polished aura. Add a level of sophistication to a room by carefully choosing textures that will complement each other and bring out an aesthetic harmony, which painted wall murals are the perfect tools for. "Old Frayed Painted Wall with Bird" is one of many items that capture that kind of decorative spirit, by combining different elements to round off other ornamental components. For a real splash of colour, painted wall murals such as "When they go Right she Goes Left" is perfect. Even the workplace would benefit from this as studies have shown that great works of art increase productivity and output in an office. Explore the many options painted wall murals provide for you and turn your walls into a beautiful focal point in any room.

The next level with painted wall murals

Those who have dabbled in interior design or just plain old decorating know that surfaces and textures provide visual weight. Since most of us do not want our rooms to be nondescript, we often employ paint to give it colour and a theme, especially when it comes to living spaces which should be able to capture your attention and keep it there. Nonetheless, sometimes we outgrow the original paint we used, or something comes along that changes our mind and you want to repaint the space entirely. Painted wall murals save you the hassle and effort of doing that, being easily put up and also conveniently changeable. Painted wall murals can raise the ocular heft within the walls of a space by an overall increase in the composition. A well-placed piece of texture creates the perceived sense of touch for whoever lays eyes on your interior decoration. With unique designs and affable colour schemes, you can use painted wall murals to experiment and play around in your residential, recreational and even corporate interiors.
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