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Autumn - Wallpaper - Living Room




Imagine a wall mural where the trees dress themselves up with gay abandon wearing nothing but the rich jewel-tones of red and orange and the cleanest of golds. Or perhaps it is the enRead morechanted wallpaper where summer’s scorch gives way to gentle warmth and leaves show us how to fall in love that captures your fancy? Be inspired by our decadent autumn wallpapers. Bring a touch of nostalgia and elegance to your walls and allow our range to be your muse. It is possible to know what glory means. Experience the crown of our wall murals. Experience autumn.

Colorful season right in your room

One of the four temperate seasons, Autumn or Fall is known for being the transition from summer to winter. This season is famous for different colors that have inspired various artworks and home decors. During this season, various shades of red, yellow, purple, black, orange, pink, magenta, blue, and brown dominate the surroundings. With these amazing and attractive colors, you will be able to use them to bring the mood and atmosphere of autumn into your home. Featuring the beautiful colors and images of Autumn wall murals. The color scheme and foliages will make you feel and experience the beauty of the season right in your home. In the past, homeowners and designers are fond of using paint to create attractive and inspiring walls. Well, those days are gone as wall murals are gaining popularity these days. Why not? Wall murals are efficient wall coverings and they come in different beautiful designs that will totally transform the appearance and atmosphere of any room. Autumn wall murals are among the best designs that is offered by Photowall. The colors are simply captivating and can stimulate the senses of any individual. Adding Autumn wall murals is also another way of bringing the beauty of nature into your home or space. The good thing about this is that, the images can give a refreshing and rejuvenating feeling. In addition to these, it has been observed that the occupants of the room with a view of nature tend to be be more focused and happy. As was also observed in the workplace. Workers are more productive and thus help in increasing their outputs. At the same time, the wall murals can make a wonderful focal point that everybody will find amazing.

The beautiful world of autumn

Autumn or fall is one of the four temperate seasons and marks the transition from summer to winter. Some cultures regard autumnal equinox as “mid-autumn”, while others with a longer temperature lag treat it as the start of autumn. One of the main features of Autumn is the shedding of leaves from deciduous trees. During the ancient times, autumn was one of the most important periods of the year as daylight began to fade while darkness lay ahead. A lot of societies practiced rituals and offerings to their gods and goddesses for a bountiful harvest that would see them through winter. During Autumn, the weather begins to get colder and many plants stop making food. The leaves change from green to red, orange, yellow or brown before falling. Sunlight is less and days are also shorter. Autumn is often associated with melancholia and symbolizes bounty and maturity.
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