Gerberas wall murals by Photowall are one of the best tools to bring great colours and that vital touch of nature into your interior design. The gerbera is such a joyous flower which Read morewill enhance, energize and brighten your room, no matter if it is residential, recreational or even corporate. Known for their large blooms and bright colours, the gerbera is also a popular addition to floral bouquets. Hang Gerberas wall murals in your interiors for a summer vibe all year round. Ranging from single blooms to bunches, hot pinks to cheerful yellows, these images are guaranteed to light up your day. Gerberas wall murals by Photowall can start a fun conversation with anyone who views it, whether this is family, friends or colleague. The colour variations present in Gerberas wall murals is perfect for individual tastes and different colour schemes. You can also always modify your selected items to complement your overall aesthetic, design style and other decorative factors.

There is history in Gerberas wall murals

A Scotsman named Robert Jameson was responsible for discovering this flower somewhere near Barberton in South Africa. Although the flower was initially discovered in 1884, it was not until about 40 years later that the bloom was first cultivated. Gerbera daisies are named after a German botanist, Traugott Gerber. This is a interesting little tidbit that you can share whenever people will compliment you on your Gerberas wall murals. Other names associated with this flower include the Barberton daisy, the Transvaal daisy and the African daisy. The name Transvaal daisy also refers to the location of its discovery. Transvaal means across the Vaal, which is a river in South Africa. As you now know, Gerberas wall murals are not just a great focal point, but also an educational tool you can share with loved ones. An item like "Iris and Gerbers" can really pique interest while at the same time provide your walls with some incredible texture, class and charm.

Symbolism and meaning

This kind of flower can boast of several meanings, and all lean towards feelings of happiness and positivity. The Egyptian meaning is symbolic of nature and a devotion to the sun, while the Celts believed this plant would lessen the stresses and sorrows of everyday life, which makes Gerberas wall murals perfect as adornment at home for stress relief. Throughout history, the gerbera daisy has represented the innocent hearts of children and is also associated with thankfulness. These species boast an energetic playfulness, which is little surprise given their bold and beautiful colours. The affable nature can be the wall decoration you have been looking for to put up in your interiors. Children will also absolutely adore Gerberas wall murals. An item such as "Panoramic Flowers - White" would be perfect for a child's bedroom, study area or even the play pen. It will lend it a touch of nature and make kids appreciate nature.

Gerberas wall murals and variety

Gerbera flowers are some of the most popular blooms in the world. Quite similar to sunflowers, they trail the direction of the sun from East to West, which you can see in Gerberas wall murals. The Netherlands alone produces almost 900 million of the Gerbera flower species per year! Some of the most known types include the Double Gerbera Daisies. These double-petaled flowers comprise not only doubles but crested and full-crested assortments. "Pink Gerbera Dark" is a great example of this. There are also Gerbera Apricots, native to South Africa, and offers an attractive appearance, which means it makes for an ideal ornamental plant. The same goes for Gerberas wall murals featuring this specific kind. With its lengthy, pointed petals, the Gerbera Aurantiaca is a little different to the majority of Gerbera flowers. The petals are hot red in hue and feature a dark center, complete with large, bright-green leaves. See if you can spot them in our excellent lineup of Gerberas wall murals.
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