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Pink Cherry Blossoms - Wallpaper - Living Room



Cherry Blossom

Flowers in the interior always add happiness and warmth to the room. There are many ways to add flowers to your home or space and Photowall has the solution for you. One of the wonderRead moreful and interesting wall decors available are the Cherry Blossom wall murals. Amazing wall murals that will definitely make your interior inviting and awesome.

Create amazing interior with Cherry Blossom wall murals

Adding flowers to the interior has long been done to create an attractive and wonderful rooms. Flowers are known to have significant impact to the total appearance of the interior of a home or space. Flowers are known to be simple and subtle in making beautiful interiors. However, they add charm and warmth to a room, and their presence can make the room charming, cheerful, and inviting. Photowall has a wide range of wall mural designs that will certainly make the interior of your space look great. One of the wonderful wall murals of Photowall are the Cherry Blossom wall murals. Cherry Blossoms are amazing floral design that will change the total appearance of the room. Create a floral statement with these amazing wall murals and make your room bright and lighthearted. Cherry Blossom wall murals can also create a dramatic focal point to your space that will surely be adored by your family and friends. Today, having a cherry blossom motif is one of the most popular designs in wall murals. Cherry Blossom wall murals can simply create a theme in the room as well as set the right mood and atmosphere that many people will find interesting.

Cherry Blossom has always amazed people

Originally, cherry blossom is the flower of the Japanese cherry, called sakura. These days, they are distributed to temperate regions of the Northern hemisphere which include Japan, Nepal, India, Taiwan, Korea, China, West Siberia, Iran, and Afghanistan. Cherry blossom is considered to be the national flower of Japan. The flower has been cultivated primarily for ornamental use. Cherry blossom viewing has also been part of the tradition in a number of places. This is called “Hanami” and it is centuries-old practice of having a picnic under the blooming sakura. Historically, the tradition dates back to the Nara period from 710 - 794, during which, people loved ume blossoms. However, during the Heian period, 794 - 1158, cherry blossoms fascinated more people. People then celebrated under the sakura tree, drinking sake and having lunch.
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