When it comes to the subject of interior decoration, a beautiful mix of old and new is always a welcome sight. Oslo wall murals by Photowall perfectly embody this very sentiment. Our Read moreexcellent and high quality motifs will transform your home, office or recreational space with their unique designs and vibrant colours. Oslo is the capital and most populous city in Norway, with its people known to be some of the most hospitable in the world. Oslo wall murals will further illustrate this with the gorgeous sights at hand. You also have the option to alter these Oslo wall murals to accommodate your existing overall aesthetic, match or contrast with your colour schemes and complement your other decorative elements.

Major city in Oslo wall murals

Despite the fact that the nearest wild and free tigers are thousands of kilometers away, Oslo's nickname is actually Tigerstaden, which means Tiger City. Although accounts vary, the most agreed-upon reason behind this peculiar moniker is that the Norwegian poet Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson described a fight between a horse and a tiger in his 1870 poem "Sidste Sang". The tiger represented the dangerous city and the horse the safe countryside. Although the dangerous does not really apply nowadays, it is equated to Oslo being full of exciting energy, which you will see in Oslo wall murals. Even though Oslo is the capital, it does not mean the Norwegian love of nature and the outdoors does not apply here. Vast untouched forest surrounds the urban center and can be reached easily on public transport. This efficiency can be glimpsed in the Oslo wall mural entitled "Night City Skyline".

Great history

There are some doubts as to the meaning behind the name of Oslo, as it may either mean the field below the hill or the field of the Gods. The city was founded in 1000 AD, and by 1048, the then King Harald III established a trading place in the town. By 1300 when the construction of the Akershus fortress and castle was started, the city was already an important trade centre in Scandinavia. You can see this in Oslo wall murals such as "Illuminated Akershus Fortress, Oslo". This item can work wonders in any residential or corporate setting. As already mentioned, Oslo possesses a tremendous mix of history and modernity, which plays a large part in endowing the city with its particular character. The Opera House is one of the best examples of great modern Norwegian design. "View from Oslo Opera House at Night" is a specific Oslo wall mural that highlights this aspect, as well as "Oslo Opera House by Night", with both serving a great reminder of how this metropolis is not just beautiful, but also very inspirational for all types of art.

Further points of interest in Oslo wall murals

As the capital, Oslo is also home to Norway's King Harald V and Queen Sonja and The Royal Palace. The Oslo wall mural aptly named "Royal Palace" exhibits this iconic landmark in a wonderful light, rendered in gorgeous black and white which makes it a bit more dramatic and thus creating visual weight and character. Another wonderful thing about the city is that nature is on your doorstep because as soon as you step out into the streets, you are reminded that Norway’s beautiful nature is just around the corner. Oslo Fjord lies at the bottom of the city and mountains surround the rest of the town. Norwegians pride themselves on their close contact with nature, while maintaining a modern and innovative infrastructure which you can view in Oslo wall murals like "Pedestrian Bridge in Oslo" or "Illuminated Oslo".
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