Faroe Islands

One of the most fascinating and picturesque countries in the world can now become the focal point of your interior design. With Faroe Islands wall murals by Photowall, you will have aRead more very unique destination as the main attraction of your wall decoration. Whether it is residential, recreational or even corporate, your space will benefit from the raw and natural beauty, stunning landscapes and otherworldly appeal of this location. Faroe Islands wall murals can inspire you to one day make the trip, or be a beautiful reminder of time spent there. There are so many things to discover, and we shall do so while we explore this category. Use Faroe Islands wall murals to upgrade the texture and composition of your interiors. As per usual, you can request modifications to suit your aesthetic and overall look.

Facts in Faroe Islands wall murals

This small archipelago consists of 18 islands and is location southwest of Iceland and north of the United Kingdom. But did you know that despite being an autonomous country, the Faroe Islands are actually one of the three countries constituting the Kingdom of Denmark? This is something that is not common knowledge and will surprise people who will ask you about your Faroe Islands wall murals. To give you a size comparison, Sweden is about 315 times as big as the Faroe Islands! Naturally, the population is also quite limited with about 50,000 calling this archipelago their home. You can make it part of your home by getting yourself some gorgeous Faroe Islands wall murals. The largest city on the islands is the capital of Tórshavn, where about 30% of the nation's population resides. This is perhaps one of the quaintest capital cities in the world, with such a homely feel that you will not want to leave. Another beautiful aspect to the Faroe Islands is that the nation actually has a program in which tourists can have dinner in locals’ homes, eating traditional food and hearing stories about their particular village. Experience that homely feel in advance with the sight of Faroe Islands wall murals in your space.

A little bit of history

Although one might assume that the Faroe Islands were a natural home to the Vikings of Scandinavia, there is evidence that it was first settled by Irish monks who reached the islands in small round boats made of wickerwork by paddling for days. When Norwegian settlers arrived on a quest to find new land to farm, they had to flee and the Faroe Islands became part of the kingdom of Norway. When Denmark and Norway were joined under a single monarch in the late 14th century, the countries' overseas territories fell under Danish rule, including the one featured in Faroe Islands wall murals. It took until 1816 though for direct rule from Denmark, who granted the Faroese two seats in the Danish Parliament and Danish became the official language on the islands. Support for real independence rises and wanes according to economic times, but why change a winning formula? Faroe Islands wall murals are proof that the system works.

Nature is king in Faroe Islands wall murals

As you might have already noticed by looking at this array of images, the Faroese archipelago consists of volcanic islands, stunning mountains and rugged coastlines that like something straight out of a fantasy novel. These striking views in Faroe Islands wall murals will create a maximum visual impact in your interiors. What makes the country so special is also their regard for nature, going as far as launching a "Closed for Maintenance, Open for Voluntourism" campaign where the islands were completely closed to tourists, except 100 volunteers who aid in preserving the nation's islands. When you see Faroe Islands wall murals like "Gasadalur", you will immediately understand why more than 5,000 people signed up in the first 24 hours alone. The stunning natural beauty of this place is a perfect asset not just in tourism, but also when you use these motifs as your interior design. Faroe Islands wall murals will make your room stand out, a beautiful vista that can be admired all throughout the year. Give your space that freshness and visual weight by acquiring Faroe Islands wall murals by Photowall.
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