Croatia is a country which has great historical roots and a wealth and culture of tradition second to none. Photowall has thus created a category dedicated to this unique land with CrRead moreoatia wall murals. In addition to making your interiors more beautiful, these motifs can also be a representation of your personality and taste. Croatia wall murals celebrates this country’s status as one of the best spots in Europe. As we explore this assortment, we will also take a look at the history of this wonderful land. Let Croatia wall murals take you on this eye-opening journey of enlightenment and wisdom. Meet the Croatia you have never seen or known before. Your Croatia wall murals can also be altered to suit your interior design and colour schemes.

Interesting past

Croatia and its immediate surroundings has been actively inhabited since the Prehistoric Period. One of the best-preserved sites in this country nestles in Krapina, where the fossils of Neolithic cultures can be seen even to this day. These sites are most commonly positioned near the river valleys of Northern Croatia. Photowall gives you a glimpse of this with the Croatia wall mural named "Veliki Slap Waterfall". This precious addition to Croatia wall murals allows you to marvel at the wide expanse and breathtaking natural vista this country can offer. This particular Croatia wall mural will lend an air of freedom and open space to your living rooms or relaxation spaces. The beautiful symmetry of this natural landscape can add some incredible texture to your wall decoration. As a matter of fact, all of Croatia wall murals can really provide your interiors with tremendous composition, generating character and charm.

Croatia wall murals for the present

Logically, modern-day Croatia looks a lot different from its countenance of old. Its cities are now ringed with breathtaking skylines and architecture that reflects all the cultures that have shared in its history. Photowall’s "Zadar Croatia Skyline", which is a part of its Croatia wall murals, offers you a glimpse of this unique country as it exists today. After the war it endured in the last century, Croatia declared its independence on June 25, 1991, but it would only be fully recognized four months later in October. In 1992, Croatia was welcomed as a bonafide member of the European Economic Community, and later on, it was officially inducted into the United Nations. Later on it progressed to become a part of the World Trade Organization on November 30, 2000. This unique little country, given homage in our Croatia wall murals, has come a long way both culturally and economically since its humble beginnings. If you want to showcase a little colour and history to your interior design, grab yourself a few of these amazing Croatia wall murals now, and feel like you have taken part in the rich and colourful journey of this wonderful country.

More background information

Croatia is officially called the Republic of Croatia and its capital is the city of Zagreb. Photowall honors this city with its “Zagreb Croatia Skyline” Croatia wall murals, available to you in a variety of colours. This lets you play around with different decorative elements as well as a variety of design styles. The black and white variation of these Croatia wall murals will fit a modern as well as a retro type of design. While Croatia is not renowned for its skyscrapers, most of the country’s tallest buildings are found in Zagreb. The most prominent is definitely the Zagreb Cathedral, which also happens to be the city's tallest building at 108 meters. The Cathedral you can see in Croatia wall murals was built after the earthquake in 1880. A famous Austrian architect Herman Bollé was hired to give it a new look in a neo-gothical style, a change that was not appreciated at the beginning but people grew to love. The skylines featured in Croatia wall murals can truly change the overall look of your home or office.
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