Stellar Field

You can now reach for the stars even more with Photowall's stellar field wall murals under the banner of Astronomy & Space and Stars. This turn of phrase is something we always heRead morear from a young age on, since reaching for the stars means pursuing and working hard for your dreams. Even as adults, this still applies to us, because most of us never stop dreaming of achieving our ultimate or at least probable ambition and desire. Our stellar field wall murals assortment is also reflective of that particular line of thought by bringing us images of real-life stars, to inspire us and to enchant us with their beauty. These top-grade motifs of stellar field wall murals are an incredible tool in generating visual interest and visual weight within a room you are looking to redecorate or simply plan to fix up. Whether it is your home or the workplace, our images can truly light it up. Use stellar field wall murals to bring your visual weight to a maximum.

Symbolic value in stellar field wall murals

Artists have been using stars since ages to symbolize heavenly bodies and in the metaphorical sense, as stand-ins for purity and good luck. Our stellar field wall murals selection can mirror that by your picking of an appropriate image of your choosing. Bringing in a sense of wonder and fascination is easy with these beautiful motifs that will instantly transform a room into something remarkable. The connotation of these huge balls of gas held together by gravity goes beyond their physical impressiveness. Putting up marvelous stellar field wall murals can encourage and stimulate perhaps a new beginning, or finishing something you have started. This would make it the ideal adornment not just for a residential area, but can also work more than just fine in a corporate setting. Imagine a piece like "Stellar Field Nebulae" in your domain for instance and watch how it transforms the entire room.

The natural view

We all know that looking up at a clear sky at night can be one of the most rewarding and beautiful sights in our lifetime, depending of course on where you view it from. Especially in the outdoors, far from the cities and suburbs, a night sky can be life-changing. The stellar field wall murals tier by Photowall has images of this famed sight, with all of them guaranteed to revamp an ordinary room into something spectacular and uncommon. Photowall's unique designs and intense attention to detail also entails that these stellar field wall murals come in a variety of shapes, colours, designs and more. Nonetheless, you are also free to request modifications of your own for these stellar field wall murals assemblage, depending on the overall plan you have for the residential or commercial space you are sprucing up. "Starry Sky" is one of those pieces that takes the allure to a higher level, with the natural tone and colours allowing a bright spot into your interior design.

Stellar field wall murals and the Zodiac

Modern astrological signs used these days are the simplified pictures of the ones used in the Hellenistic times. Let us take a look at the twelve animals the signs represent. Aries is signified by the ram, Taurus the bull, Gemini the twins, Cancer the crab, Leo the lion, Virgo the virgin, Libra the scales, Scorpio the scorpion, Sagittarius the archer, Capricorn the goat, Aquarius the water bearer and last but not the least, Pisces the two fish. All of these are logically available in stellar field wall murals. Use stellar field wall murals as a representation of your character and personality. The wide array of images can really help you out in making your room pop with different styles and various constellations. There are subtle shift in each stellar field wall mural that depicts these formations. Check the difference between "Zoodiac Sky IIII" and "Zoodiac Sky VI", for example.
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