A solar eclipse happens when part of the Earth is covered by the moon’s shadow, which completely or partially blocks sunlight. A lunar eclipse happens when the moon moves into the EarRead moreth’s shadow. This only takes place when the sun, moon, and the Earth are totally aligned. For millennia, ancient man has assigned both astrological and religious meaning to eclipses, having no scientific knowledge of their true origins. Festivals and rituals were held to honor and coincide with these astronomical events. When a lunar eclipse is complete, the halo is colored red, like the color of blood. Ancient tribes saw this as a terrible omen. And when the sun totally disappears from the sky, several tribes ascribed it to the wrath of the gods. Photowall pays tribute to this amazing astronomical phenomenon with its own collection of eclipse wall murals. These eclipse wall murals depict the different forms of eclipses as they take place in the heavens. Hang a few of these eclipse wall murals in your living room and fill the space with mysticism and wonder. Let your family and loved ones honor the beliefs of the ancients by having them show great reverence for these unique and colorful eclipse wall murals.

Shadowed in eclipse wall murals

When the moon is covered totally by the shadow of the Earth, it is colored red. The ancients called this a blood moon. The Italians named it La Luna de Cacciatore or Hunter’s Moon. It is when the moon carries this hue that it is touted to be perfect for hunting. The Mayans considered total solar eclipses as a bad omen, proclaiming that one of the gods of the underworld has devoured the sun. They would hold human sacrifices to appease their deities and cajole them to spit up the sun and allow it to once again take its place in the heavens. Photowall gives you something to admire with “Geography of the Heavens III”, “Solar Eclipse”, and “Lunar Eclipse” in its amazing collection of eclipse wall murals. These examples of eclipse wall murals showcase these astronomical wonders as they have been observed by science. Hang a few of these eclipse wall murals in your recreation areas and infuse the space with a sense of thrill and wonder. Grown-up playtime will never be as engaging as when you have these eclipse wall murals on your walls. These eclipse wall murals are a surefire hit in your home.

Covered in eclipse wall murals

There are different kinds of eclipses. A total eclipse happens when the dark shadow of the moon completely covers the dazzling light of the sun, letting the solar corona be seen. An annular eclipse is when the sun and moon are directly aligned with the Earth, but the moon is smaller than the sun. Thus, the sun is seen as an annulus or a very bright ring surrounding the disk of the moon. A hybrid eclipse is a melding of the former two. In several parts of the Earth, a total eclipse happens, and in other parts, there is only a partial or annular eclipse. A partial eclipse is when the sun and moon are not totally aligned. This sort of eclipse is barely noticeable and the shade it gives is equal to only that of normal twilight. Photowall gives you a glimpse into the heavens with “Total Eclipse”, “ and “Eclipse” in its splendid collection of eclipse wall murals. These examples of eclipse wall murals feature some of the more breathtaking vistas of this natural phenomenon. Hang a few of these eclipse wall murals in your lounging den, and feel the relaxation and calmness factor go up a hundredfold.

Dark and enigmatic

Even though the scientific explanation for eclipses has been taught in science class for centuries now, the actual experience of going through an actual eclipse can still be quite jarring and thrilling. There is something in the biological make-up of human beings that cannot readily assimilate day turning into night, or the moon disappearing from the evening sky. To this day, several spiritual cults still hold their rituals during eclipses, and despite the easily explained nature of these phenomena, they still stubbornly cling to mysticism and superstition. Photowall lets you see the science of it all with its magnificent collection of eclipse wall murals. Hang a few of these eclipse wall murals atop your bed, in your sleeping quarters, and feel as though you are closing your eyes under the cosmos itself. Your slumber will be filled with images of penumbras and annulus’ with these eclipse wall murals above you. You will never have a night of more restful or rejuvenating sleep than when you have these eclipse wall murals in your bedroom. You can even display a few of the eclipse wall murals in your hallways to add mystery and excitement to these dull and boring spaces. Let your home be a place of wonder and awe with these eclipse wall murals inside it.
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