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A lot of people mistake calligraphy for merely "beautiful handwriting", but it is way more than that. While it is true that the Greek derivation of calligraphy translates to simply asRead more "beautiful writing", the word itself has taken on a larger meaning, as you will see in Photowall's exquisite selection of calligraphy wall murals. Now one has to bear in mind that the first goals of handwriting are essentially to be quickly and easily written, and accurately read. Although calligraphy is a kind of handwriting, and some handwriting is calligraphic in appearance, they are not the same. It is the difference between "writing as a form of art" and "artistic-looking handwriting". Calligraphy wall murals as well aim to produce an art reaction, in which a deeper meaning is communicated and the viewer feels invited to think a new thought in response. Whether it is your home, hangout or even the workplace you are looking to beautify, calligraphy wall murals are the way to go. Your interiors will have upgraded in style, class and charm with these stunning motifs.

The history in calligraphy wall murals

It is thought that calligraphy’s roots come from ancient China, where characters were carved on animal bones and tortoise shells, for example. Eventually, this form of writing gave way to Chinese ink brushes and writing on paper. Chinese calligraphy influenced the practice in Japan, Korea, and other areas, where people created their own styles. A certain influence of this past can still be seen in some of our calligraphy wall murals. Nonetheless, you are likely most familiar with western calligraphy, which is recognizable because of its use of the traditional Latin alphabet. Romans wrote on long rolls of paper using quill pens that were dipped in ink, and later Christian churches used western calligraphy to copy Biblical texts. Although many do it these days, as evidenced in calligraphy wall murals, the calligraphers of history were actually highly regarded individuals. Their knowledge and lineages developed over centuries and were passed on from generation to generation with some of Islam’s most sacred sites, for instance, decorated with calligraphy. So, as you can see, calligraphy is a vital part of the cultural structure of many places, making calligraphy wall murals symbolic of a global value we share.

Establishing the difference

People sometimes interchange or mistake calligraphy for typography, and vice versa. With calligraphy wall murals by Photowall, you can dispel that notion and educate people on it. Calligraphy is writing by hand and typography is letters and characters designed in printed or digital form. They do work together though, as you can see in calligraphy wall murals. We have combined the best of both worlds to form a category that can help you elevate your interior design onto the next level. Typography also goes back to what was discussed earlier, where legibility is primary like motorway signs or someone’s name on a form. Calligraphy is writing that is produced primarily for its decorative or expressive qualities, with legibility being less important.

Calligraphy wall murals significance

Although we may not be aware of it most of the time, the impact calligraphy has had on the world of modern art is visible all around us. Calligraphic elements have become so common in our modern culture that we hardly notice them anymore. You can even say that the modern form of calligraphy can be found on even something as mundane as the blackboards announcing the menu behind a trendy restaurant. You would not be too surprised to see something like "Well My Darling" at your local coffee shop, for example. Event invites as well, especially wedding invitations, often sport elegant calligraphy styles, like you can see in calligraphy wall murals like "Wall Calligraphy". These calligraphy wall murals are a perfect way to revamp your space without overwhelming it with visual cues.
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