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African Elephants Playing - Wallpaper - Hallway



African Elephants

If you want to go big, go biggest with the African Elephant which is the largest animal that lives on land. Some male elephants growing to be thirteen feet tall, more than twice as taRead morell as many human adults! These royal and gentle creatures can be the focal point of your interior with high-quality African elephants wall murals from Photowall. Their most famous features is the trunk, which they use to smell, drink, eat and wash themselves. You will plenty of this in our exquisite and top-notch African elephants wall murals selection. African elephants wall murals are also a very popular choice for the young ones, as these benign giants are commonly a favorite animal for kids. All of these amazing motifs can also be adjusted according to your design plans, modified to fit your interior colour schemes and altered to suit your personal tastes and wishes.

The symbolism in African elephants wall murals

The charismatic nature of the elephant has made it an element of strong symbolism across various cultures all over the world, especially Asian regions like India and China have dense mythologies featuring these affable behemoths. An African elephants wall mural can get the message across that you also place stock in these ideals that they represent. A well-placed and gorgeous African elephants wall mural such as "African Elephant", for example, can elevate any room into something classier and more meaningful. The beautiful and intricate design of this African elephants wall mural does not only look stylish, but also has a tremendous meaning behind it because elephants, in general, symbolize the qualities of wisdom, strength, courage, longevity, patience and honor.

Something for the kids

As already noted, elephants are very popular among the young girls and boys. Humans tend to have an innate admiration for these animals, perhaps borne out of an evolutionary connection as elephants have been used both as allies and tools by many cultures around the world for centuries. Your child will surely adore something like the African elephants wall mural titled "Africa Pop", an artful illustration depicting an elephant leading the way for a move. The superb design and the vibrant colours of this African elephants wall mural will set alight any child's bedroom, study area or play space. Another charming African elephants wall mural by Photowall is "African Elephants Playing", which could be the ideal focal point to accompany your young ones in their common spaces like the play pen.

African elephants wall mural for bonding

We all know that family is very, if not the most important thing in the world. Your African elephants wall murals can be a symbol of this notion, as elephant family groups are very close. While they can’t exactly hug each other, elephants do wrap their trunks around younger relatives to reassure them and to greet each other they twine their trunks together. You can also show in your elephants African elephants wall murals how smart these mammals are, because they can both learn and feel emotions, which is evident in our sublime designs. Furthermore, if a member of an elephant family group is injured, the rest of the group may come and help it. Even more amazing is that they know when a family member is no longer in the herd and it is a truly heart-breaking sight to see an elephant grieve over the bones of lost family and friends. On a happier note, check out this piece called "Baby African Elephant", which has a natural feel to it and earthly tones. This African elephants wall mural can look great in any space, whether this is a residential, commercial or recreational area.
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