Peacock Butterflies

If you are looking to decorate your interiors with something pretty and colourful, Photowall's assortment of peacock butterflies wall murals it the way to go. This beautifully assemblRead moreed lineup from the bugs category shines a light on butterflies sporting wingspans of more than 6 centimeters. The tops of their wings are red, with rusty brown splotches and gray-black edges. You will see in peacock butterflies wall murals that they also have eyespots on the backs of their wings similar to eyespots on peacocks, hence the name. Our ancient fascination with these insects stems from their deep and powerful representation of life, and themes of transformation or rebirth, which we will come to later. You can bring this depth into your home, office or recreational space by getting peacock butterflies wall murals.

Visual impact

You surely have heard of butterflies symbolizing life struggles that people have endured to emerge as a better person, hence the aforementioned themes of rebirth and transformation. The life cycle of a butterfly actually has four steps, namely eggs, caterpillar also known as the larva, pupa and the final stage of adult. Inside the chrysalis, the pupa changes into an adult butterfly. This transformation can take a few days for some kinds of butterflies or up to a year for others! This makes peacock butterflies wall murals by Photowall even more rewarding once you know the short but rich lives these insects live. It signifies that we must make the most out of life and that change can be abrupt or gestating, but always constant. In fact, peacock butterflies wall murals are a great remnant of change being amazing and life-altering. This fits in perfectly with someone who is moving into a new apartment or house, for example. Peacock butterflies wall murals can also be the upgrade a new office needs, to create energy and enthusiasm.

Memorable peacock butterflies wall murals

Butterflies employ all kinds of tricks to keep from being eaten, even though they rank pretty low on the food chain, with lots of hungry predators happy to make a meal of them. Some butterflies fold their wings to blend into the background, using camouflage to render themselves all but invisible to predators. Being a survivor also ranks high up on the sort of inspiration needed in ideas for redecorating your space, thus peacock butterflies wall murals make the most sense. They also employ tricks such as imitating other insects with bright colours or in this case, with their "eyes". You can see both the functionality and beauty of this in peacock butterflies wall murals like "Peacock Butterfly on Oats". Images such as this can help us relax and unwind after a long day, guaranteed. The vast and tranquil field matches perfectly with the striking colours of the butterfly.

More knowledge, more power

Peacock butterflies are prevalent across Europe and Asia, where they prefer temperate habitats like woods and open fields. There are basically two subspecies, one in Europe and another in Japan, Russia and the Far East. They hibernate during the winter and emerge in late spring, as you might notice in peacock butterflies wall murals. Their spectacular pattern of eyespots evolved to startle or confuse predators, making it one of the most easily recognized and best-known species of butterflies in the world. This fairly large butterfly and strong flyer can become the focal point of your interior decoration with our peacock butterflies wall murals. As already mentioned, they make for a great wall decoration because they also represent different traits, depending on the culture. Some people believe the "eyes" on their wings mean they are God’s spies!
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