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Rock and Roll Lead Types - Poster - Living Room



Rock and Roll

The music genre of rock & roll has provided people all over the world with an energetic escape from everyday life for what seems like forever now. It is music with a scene, a certaiRead moren lifestyle and most definitely an attitude. Rock and roll artists are still the most celebrated and famous musicians to this day. With Photowall's excellent selection of high quality rock and roll posters, not only will you bring this music into your space, but with it come unique designs, rich details, vibrant colours and a beautiful and deep history. With these images, you will be able to reminisce on the time when pillars of uptight communities all across Northern America in the ‘50s thought that this vibrant, loud, feel-good music was somehow going to corrupt the world. Not only were dance crazes born, but it also brought about changes into a more open and tolerant society, where innovation, ideas and freedom of expression were heralded. With rock and roll posters, you can bring the same into your home, office or any other space you choose to spruce up.

Roots in rock and roll posters

The history of rock music has been as debated and diverse as the genre itself. Its origins can be traced to the late 1940s, when the popular styles of the day, country music and blues, morphed into a new sound aided by electric guitars and a steady drumbeat. Pioneering artists of the time such as Chuck Berry relied heavily on classic blues structure while demonstrating a flair as natural-born entertainers. Embracing sex and youthful rebellion in their music in contrast to the safe pop music of that specific era, rock and roll took popular music to new cultural heights. Make this phenomenon the focal point of your interior decoration with rock and roll posters of the highest quality. As the genre became a dominant form of popular music, the newer bands branched out into new territory. Led Zeppelin, for example, gave rock a darker and heavier tone, becoming one of the 1970s most popular bands which helped give birth to a subgenre known as hard rock or heavy metal. Doin’ Our Thing is a perfect example of this evolution as well as the style rock and roll posters can bring into your room. This wonderfully attractive motif oozes characters and fashion, with a design so unique and appealing that you can put it up wherever you want and it would still look superb.

The King

If you really want to trace the popularity or rise of rock and roll, it essentially comes down to one man. Even though many would cite Chuck Berry as the real father of rock and roll, it was due to the societal structure of the time that another, more accepted, man stepped into that role. The advent of television and the dissemination of visual information changed the world in the 50s, giving the world, especially the United States of America, full access to a new language, a new form of communication and a new way of thinking about sex, race, identity and life. Once Elvis came across the airwaves, once he was heard and seen, there was an awakening. Rock and roll posters pay tribute to this musical legend in items such as All Shook Up. This sublime motif captures the magic that people felt listening to Presley, who had countless hits and even branched out into film.

Sing along with rock and roll posters

Music is a very important aspect of life. Humans have had music in the community ever since they began to discover how to communicate. There are songs that can affect us an entire lifetime, just like the power of these gorgeous rock and roll posters. One of the world's best song writers, Bob Dylan, began his singer-songwriting career performing as a folk singer or folkie in 1962. However, in the middle 1960s Dylan began playing an electric guitar and performing with blues artists and rockers who shunned acoustic instruments. Blind Boy Grunt is a rock and roll poster that shows this icon in his element, giving the world emotions through his songs and music.
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