The United States of America has a penchant for giving its states nickname, some official and some more known among the locals. Minnesota, for example, is "The North Star State", whRead moreich originates from the French motto appearing on the state flag and seal. More colloquially though is the well-known nickname of "Land of 10,000 Lakes". You can now bring this amazing region into your home or office with Photowall's high in quality and rich in detail assortment of Minnesota posters. The aforementioned nickname of Minnesota having 10,000 lakes is quite modest. Minnesota actually has 11,000 lakes with 90,000 miles of shoreline, more than that of Hawaii, California and Florida combined! Turn this interesting tidbit into the focal point of your space. These unique designs of Minnesota posters can transform your room immensely. You can also choose alterations to fit or contrast with your already existing interior design, colour schemes and other decorative elements.

The appeal of Minnesota posters

Minnesota has proudly birthed some of the most recognizable artists in the music industry, like Bob Dylan or the unparalleled genius of Prince. Therefore it is no wonder that this state possesses is a fantastic music scene, with concerts year round and fantastic outdoor festivals in the warmer months. Minnesota posters can give you that melodic inspiration with its vibrant colours and fantastic motifs. In this category you will also see a lot of the allure of the so-called Mini-Apple, which is a fun and endearing wordplay on the name of Minneapolis. While some cities have their residents travel underground to get from place to place, Minneapolis lets city dwellers travel way up above the ground with its system of skyways. These story-high, walk-only tunnels connect buildings throughout the downtown area. This wonderful innovation is present in Minnesota posters such as the sumptuous Dawn in Minneapolis. This specific sight can be the ideal focal point in your residential, corporate and recreational space. The light perfectly captures the incredible charm of the City of Lakes.

The beauty of nature

When it comes to natural beauty, Minnesota has it in spades! In every corner of the state, you will find some of Mother Nature’s most fantastic works. Not only is it home to the aforementioned 11,000 lakes, but plenty of parks and protected forests that will take off the stress of the daily life, especially for city dwellers. With Minnesota posters, you do not have to travel to the Arctic Circle to see the Northern Lights, also known as the aurora borealis. Aurora Borealis is caused by the interaction of the solar wind, which is a stream of charged particles escaping the sun, and our planet’s magnetic field and atmosphere. Thanks to the northern location and vast, dark skies in Cook County, Minnesotans are lucky enough to see them often. You can now also bring this into your chosen space with Minnesota posters such as Aurora Borealis over Burntside Lake. This stunning piece can make any room look better and more spacious. The amazing beauty of this Minnesota poster will generate conversation, create visual dynamism and become a memorable spot for your eyes.

Architecture in Minnesota posters

Minneapolis is a very significant and important city in the state of Minnesota. Even though it is not the state capital, it is usually the first metropolis that comes to mind when talking about this state. It is also home to some of the greatest buildings in the The North Star State, such as the Capella Tower in downtown Minneapolis. The second tallest building in the state, it features two sets of round towers on top of six stories of stacked cubes, and a “halo” on top for antennas and a communications network. You can see this magnificent structure in Minnesota posters such as Minneapolis Minnesota Skyline, which comes in a variety of tones and hues to make your decoration process more interesting. Then there is also the Witch’s Hat Water Tower in Minneapolis. This historic water tower in Prospect Park in Minneapolis bears a strong resemblance to a witch’s hat, and is rumored to be the inspiration for Bob Dylan’s classic song “All Along the Watchtower” song! Check it out in Minneapolis Minnesota Skyline Black, a Minnesota poster of the more edgy and dramatic flavor.
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