If you are looking for a city that has something for everything, Denver in the state of Colorado is the place. This metropolis loves its sports, culture, food, museums, and so much moRead morere. With Photowall's great selection of Denver posters, you can bring the Mile High City into your home, office or even recreational space. These motifs can score you massive points on the visual weight board, as well as give your interiors something unique and meaningful to look at. Aside from horse racing and a professional rodeo, Denver has 90 golf courses, miles of bike paths and the United States of America's most unique city park system. The latter you might spot in some of our fantastic Denver posters. As per usual, you can adjust your selected Denver posters to round off your existing aesthetic or your planned colour schemes in the space you are decorating.

Denver posters and its nickname

The reason behind this city's famous nickname is that it sits at an elevation of 134 meters above sea level, which is almost exactly one mile. By an amazing stroke of good luck, the 13th step on the west side of the State Capitol Building is also exactly one mile above sea level! This magnificent building, by the way, is also featured in our Denver posters. Another important thing to remember about the Mile High City is its rarified air, where golf balls go ten percent farther, so they say. The sun feels warmer because you are closer to it and with less water vapor in the air at this altitude, the sky really is bluer in Denver. With this in mind, maybe Denver Colorado Skyline might just be the Denver poster for you, as this motif's blue tones, shades and hues really mesmerize and bring a soothing, chill vibe to any wall.

A little bit of history

It is amazing to know that in 1858, there was not a single person living in the now Denver metro area except for some migrating camps of Native Americans. Just 30 years later, Colorado was a state with a population of almost 200,000! As you might have guesses, it was the Gold Rush that caused this boom. The fruits of this sudden onset of development can now be seen in the skylines featured in Denver posters. Furthermore, this fascinating period is portrayed and displayed at the numerous museums, old gold mining towns and in hundreds of elegant Victorian buildings in the city itself. The History Colorado Center is an interactive museum where it is even possible to descend into a coal mine, jump off a ski jump and visit other exciting moments from Denver and Colorado history. Take this fascinating history into your interiors in the form of a Denver poster.

The architecture in Denver posters

The Mile High City's architecture is a reflection of its growth from a small cow-town in the middle of nowhere to a vibrant urban metropolis. The spirit of perseverance and innovation can be seen in the architectural styles in many of Denver’s most treasured buildings. You will see these as you peruse our collection of marvelous Denver posters. The D&F Clock Tower, for example, was the tallest structure west of the Mississippi when it was built in 1911, standing at almost 120 meters. The tower was constructed in the Italian Renaissance style of brick, stone, and terracotta, and is still a historic landmark today that lights up the Denver skyline every night. Check it out in Denver posters such as Denver Colorado Rust Skyline. This stylish and ruggedly handsome Denver poster can lend your interiors some character and charm.
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