One of the most popular and known cities in the whole world can now be your central theme when it comes to decorating your chosen space. Venice posters by Photowall are just what yoRead moreu need and could be the missing ingredient in making your home or office the place to be. From real life photographs that instantly transport you to the city of water to works of art that give this incredible location a whole new and deeper meaning, Photowall's high quality, rich in detail and uniquely designed Venice posters lineup has it all for you. You can even alter these motifs to match or contrast with your existing aesthetic, colour schemes and any other decorative elements that might be present. Also referred to as the city of masks, this magnificent spot in Italy has been the home and inspiration to many artists, which makes it an even more ideal subject to pick as your interior decoration. Check out our varied and beautiful array of Venice posters!

The allure present in Venice posters

As a city which is made up of 118 islands, Venice posters depicting the islands and their individual beauty are abundant and oozing with style and charm. Lovers of unique cityscapes and water-related scenes will be more than satisfied perusing this particular category by Photowall. The intricate canals and bridges which link the islands together include some in the Venetian Lagoon and more spread through the Po and Piave rivers, which can be seen in plenty of Venice posters. This wonderful tier possesses scenes of the city's history, including some of the oldest canals in the world, the old world streets which still stand to this and a view of the modern lifestyle of the city. Just take a look at the Venice poster named Dawn on Venice which includes a bit of all the aspects mentioned. Whether to serve as a reminder of a memorable visit or as motivation for a future holiday, Venice posters will bring the beauty into your space and evoke positive emotions and vibrations throughout your interior.

A city built on water

In modern times, we can easily imagine a city such as Venice because we have gotten used to it being there, as well as having the technology to build infrastructure to accommodate such a place. However, in the earliest of its days, no one could have ever predicted that the idea itself could and would work. The now-called Venetians were up to the challenge and clearly overcame the challenges they set for themselves, which is also an indicator of not just the city's history and character, but also that Venice came in a time where Italy was the cream of the crop. Just take a look at the Venice poster titled Bricks and Water Alleys in Venice where you can see the wear and tear but also feel the strong connection and spirit of this location. Despite the fact that historians know of no official date of foundation of the city, what is certain is the marshy Venetian lagoon has been inhabited since the Roman age! In the Middle Ages Venice started to grow as an important port city on the Adriatic Sea, thriving on the trade of silk and spices. Venice became a genuine city of art on the map of Europe and a hub of culture on the continent, which is still evident in Venice posters such as Basilica Santa Maria della Salute in Venice.

The love in Venice posters

Never abandoned. This is the phrase emblazoned on the wall of the Doge's Palace in Venice which may have originally related to religion, but it is a perfect motto for a city that has endured 1,400 years of nearly constant siege from Barbarians, Napoleonic armies, encroaching waters, and nowadays tourist hoards. When viewing our Venice posters array, you will discover a fierce love and protective spirit towards this beautiful, watery oddity of a city. It is no wonder it has served as such an inspiration to so many artists and inventors. Venice posters such as Venice Romance are but simple reminders of the power of this beautiful place. Venice Street is another motif that just resonates and has a wonderful feel to it, truly becoming an expression of love.
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