When people talk about Munich, most of the time the first thing that comes to mind is the world-famous, or infamous, Oktoberfest and its Biergartens. Literally meaning beer gardens,Read more these are lovely open spaces, filled with the gentle murmur of people quietly talking, eating and drinking. With Photowall's Munich posters, you can bring this special ambiance into your very own space. There is a special sort of feeling at a good Biergarten that is hard to describe as they feel like little communities where there is a social warmth that is unlike what people perceive of Germans in general. Ironically, Munich is right in the heart of Catholic southern Germany and quite religious. Sunday is kept as the traditional day of rest, and almost all supermarkets and shops are shut, and many restaurants are closed too. Blessed by its location on the River Isar, Munich has a massive river running through the city, creating the most lush and peaceful spots along its shores. Get yourself a Munich poster for your home, office or any other space.

Get to know more with Munich posters

People have often said that Munich seems to be more than comfortable just being itself rather than trying to keep up with the capital of Germany, which is Berlin. A city that respects its past while looking energetically into the future, Munich, or "München" as it is called in German, enables this big-city elegance because of its determination to be pedestrian and bike-friendly, and because of a law that no building can be taller than the church spires. As a matter of fact, the only skyscrapers are at the very edges of the city. With Photowall's excellent lineup of Munich posters, you can have the beer capital of Europe on your own four walls. No matter if your space is residential, recreational or corporate in nature, you will find a fitting motif right here. The affectionate nickname for Munich is "Millionendorf", which implies that the city is a "village of a million". This means that it might technically be huge and urban, but it sometimes feels much smaller and more rural, as you will see in some of the Munich posters assortment.

A place in history

Munich was founded in 1158 by Henry the Lion, the duke of Saxony and of Bavaria. In 1806 the city was made capital of the kingdom of Bavaria and under the kings Louis I, Maximilian II and Louis II it became a cultural and artistic center, playing a leading role in the development of 19th and 20th-century German painting. Munich was badly damaged during World War II, but after 1945 it was extensively rebuilt and many modern buildings were constructed. You can still see some of these in numerous Munich posters. To this day, as you look across the Munich skyline, church spires dominate. Munich Germany Skyline Red is a great example of this, a stylish and visually appealing Munich poster. In 1973, Munich hosted the Olympic Games for which were built the Olympic stadium, and also the underground system. See if you can trace this in Munich posters like Munich Germany City Map.

The skyline in Munich posters

With the Alps within easy driving distance, Munich has one of the most dramatic backdrops nature could offer. The city's most famous landmark is currently the Frauenkirche, or Church of Our Lady, with its twin towers rising 109 meters into the sky. It sports two onion-shaped towers of identical height. Munich Germany Skyline is a set of Munich posters where this is prominently displayed. Even though the building has gone through various incarnations throughout the decades, it was originally destined as a late Gothic church that had a Baroque interior for a while, which was later removed. The church was destroyed in the war and then rebuilt, making it an even more meaningful and historic sight, perfect as subject for Munich posters.
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