To boldly go where no man has gone before! Even though this popular phrase originated in a famous TV show, it can be rightfully applied to Photowall's excellent selection of AstronaRead moreuts posters. Whether you choose a decoration of distant galaxies and unknown worlds or a motif that makes you look through the eyes of Astronauts as they take one giant leap for mankind, our selection of Astronauts posters will let you see the universe like never before. Not only are these items stunning in visual beauty, but they can also show your children that the world is full of possibility. There is something about the wonder of space which can feed the limits of imagination and broaden our horizons. These pioneers and explorers have made many a child's dream come true by venturing into outer space. It is only just that we pay homage to them with Astronauts posters.

Background information with Astronauts posters

It is not a big secret that being an Astronaut is a tremendous commitment. Candidates, who tend to be selected in their 30s and 40s, usually leave prestigious careers for a chance at being an Astronaut, starting again at the bottom of the proverbial ladder. Their training means long days at work, lots of travel and absolutely no guarantee they will ever make it into space. The job not only needs someone in top physical shape, but it also demands the tremendous technical skills to take on difficult jobs in a spacecraft or on a space station far from home. You will understand why when you see our wide array of Astronauts posters. Basic requirements alone are a bachelor's degree in engineering, biological science, physical science, computer science or mathematics, followed by at least three years of professional experience which equates to a minimum of 1,000 hours of pilot-in-command time in a jet aircraft. There are also other skills that can be an asset to being selected such as scuba diving, wilderness experience and facility with other languages. Maybe Astronauts poster can be the inspiration for your young ones to aim for such a prestigious and challenging career.

Walking the talk

When Astronauts go up into space, they have to bring an environment similar to the Earth with them in order to survive. Space shuttles and space stations are filled with the same kind of air found at sea level, and except for the effects of microgravity, crew members live and breathe quite normally. If they ever have to leave the confines of a spacecraft though, they have to take part in the highly specialized activity known as spacewalking. You can see some fine examples of this in Astronauts posters. Despite being multibillion-dollar projects, space stations and space shuttles are not perfect. When something needs to be repaired, removed or added and robotics just will not do the trick, specially trained Astronauts have to conduct spacewalks to take care of the problem with human finesse. Astronaut with Earth in Background is beautiful example of this, an Astronauts poster that really captures the essence of these activities.

Variations of Astronauts posters for children

Photowall provides children not only visual stimulants in the form of these fresh and entertaining Astronauts posters, but also offers plenty for them to choose from. There are photographs of space so real and authentic that you will almost feel like floating. Astronauts posters also has works of art that reflect the beauty of outer space, but also how children can relate to the image. Last but not least, our assortment of Astronauts posters can also act as educational tool in teaching the children more about the cosmos and our role in exploring them. You might even be planting the seed for a future Astronaut by getting your child, or children, Astronauts posters that will make them curious and hungry for more. The multitude of options is not only visually satisfying, but also is so varied that it can match any other interior decorations you have in place, or in store, for your child's room.
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