Meet Sonely Mateo - digital creator and interior design lover, passionate about creating beautiful things out of nothing. Her journey from a curious child to DIY enthusiast has blossomed into a thriving career in interior design. Family fuels her inspiration, and her design philosophy revolves around timelessness. In Sonely's home, endurance takes center stage, radiating warmth and comfort. Join us as we explore Sonely's unique approach to design, where every room becomes a timeless story of beauty and tranquility.


Sonely's design voyage started long before her Instagram days, crafting cozy havens from her mom's living room to embarking on DIY apartment makeovers. Today, she shares her remarkable story, transforming her love and passion for interior design into a fulfilling career. Her design philosophy revolves around timelessness, where every space radiates enduring warmth, comfort, and love. Sonely's evolving style now encapsulates elements of neutral palettes, organic textures, and a touch of vintage charm. In the collection she's handpicked for Photowall, you'll find echoes of this distinctive style.

"I am a neutral lover. I like serene and warm spaces. My home is just that, a definition of me."

Sonely's home is a sanctuary of coziness, mirroring her serene and calming personality. Each room unfolds a unique narrative, a canvas painted with delicate tones that evoke a profound sense of solace. In Sonely's world, family plays an integral role, not just as a muse but as the heart of her home. Her aim is to create spaces where everyone feels cherished and at ease, ensuring that every moment spent at home is locked in memory.

When it comes to selecting wallpaper, Sonely's mantra is timeless. She seeks designs that will stand the test of time, infusing spaces with a sense of tranquility and warmth. Walking through her home, you can't help but feel a profound sense of peace and harmony.

“In my home, each room tells a story, filled with love and cherished memories.”

Sonely's home is where cherished family memories are made, and her creativity shines in every corner, crafting an inviting atmosphere. Explore her world and the curated Photowall collection she offers, an opportunity to craft your own tale of soft beauty and serenity.

Step into Sonely's realm of design and discover more inspiration on her Instagram @sonelymateo