Step into the enchanting world of Elodie Aubert, a dreamer and creator who has transformed a charming French lakeside farmhouse into a haven of warmth and imagination. With an unwavering passion for interior design, a love for vintage patterns, and an endless craving for the inspiration that nature provides, Elodie's home is a timeless reflection of her soul.


Surrounded by serene lakes, Elodie's journey in interior design is rooted in a lifelong passion for crafting enchanting spaces. Her lakeside sanctuary radiates a blend of warmth, vintage charm, and a hint of mystery. Drawing inspiration from diverse sources, including the English cottage style and enchanting elements found in fantasy films like "Alice in Wonderland," Elodie's home is a testament to her adoration for the authentic and enchanting.

But it doesn't stop at aesthetics for Elodie. Her passion breathes life into every corner of her farmhouse. Antique furniture tells intriguing stories, and her home, shared with two dogs, Gus and Ebony, and a feline friend, Georges, becomes a haven for her family and pets alike. For Elodie, her house isn't just a place to live; it's a soulful canvas where dreams come to life.

"My home is a refuge, a time machine and a place to dream."

The heart of Elodie's home, the kitchen, is infused with warmth and cheerfulness through her choice of wallpaper, featuring birds. This selection isn't just an aesthetic preference; it's a nod to her daughter's affinity for avian wonders and an invitation to daydream amidst picturesque patterns. This theme of vintage authenticity, mystery, and the soothing embrace of nature can be found throughout Elodie's curated collection. Here, she seamlessly blends soft natural elements, mystical flower gardens, and botanical motifs, creating an ambiance that evokes the feeling of a hidden cabin in the woods where you feel safe and inspired.

Elodie's inspirations are as diverse as the landscapes around her. Nature, family, and vivid dreams - often born in the quiet of the night - guide her creative hand. Fantasy films transport her to eras gone by, influencing her selection of vintage wallpapers, wood-paneled walls, and antique furnishings.

“Antiques hold a unique charm; I often find myself crafting stories about their previous owners.”

For Elodie, modernity takes a backseat to the timeless charm of the past. Home is her sanctuary, a retreat where she finds solace and recharges her spirits. It's a place where she feels safe, akin to a rabbit in its burrow, allowing her thoughts to take flight and create dreamy spaces.

Discover more of her enchanting creations on Instagram, and let your own thoughts soar in the world of design and imagination. Follow Elodie on Instagram for more inspiration @mafilledavril‚Äč.