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In an old building hidden in the streets of Berlin, you can find the apartment belonging to lifestyle blogger Cici and her beloved cockapoo Locke. The apartment, which features high stucco ceilings, large windows and wooden floors, has been styled with Cici’s own unique touch where she mixes lush plants, DIY objects and fresh flowers, in order to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. The homely yet stylish look is typical for Cici’s interior design and has made her one of the most popular interior design influencers in Germany.

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Hi Cici! How would you describe your home? 

My home reflects my personality and combines my love for design classics with Scandi elements. It has carefully selected pieces and finds that found me, as well as DIY objects, living plants, and fresh flowers to bring color and life to the rooms, giving my apartment a colorful but subtle vibe. I think this blend of selected design elements and personal notes is what makes my home so unique and a reflection of who I am.


What inspires you?

I draw inspiration from many things, including art, nature, travel, and the people around me. The diversity of these influences inspires my creativity and spurs me to come up with new ideas and design my home, so I always feel best when I'm at home.




“For me, home is not only a place to live, but also a place of retreat

— Cigdem Buchholz





What are your top 3 interior design tips?





Focus on quality over quantity

Instead of filling your home with lots of furniture, choose a few quality pieces that tell a story or are particularly close to your heart. A classic, well-crafted item not only enhances your space's character but also grows more beautiful with time.




Create harmony through colors and textures
A uniform color scheme can make rooms look bigger and create a calming atmosphere. Introduce a variety of textures to add depth — a blend of smooth and rough surfaces, such as soft fabrics with natural elements like wood or stone. 




Let your personality speak
Your home should be a reflection of you as a person. Incorporate items with personal stories or sentimental value. Whether it's souvenirs, photos, or items that you’ve made yourself, these unique touches will make your space truly your own.





What's your favorite piece in your home?

My personal favorite in my home is the chaise longue by Tito Agnoli. Its charm lies in its understated elegance, a beauty that doesn't immediately catch the eye but grows on you. I adore its timeless nature and the way it flawlessly integrates into any setting. It's a vintage piece with a lot of history, and that makes it even more priceless to me.

Why this wallpaper?

My choice was influenced by the desired ambiance — whether it should be a rustic atmosphere, a modern aesthetic, or something completely unique. I considered how the wallpaper's colors and patterns would complement the room's decor, size, and lighting, ensuring it wouldn't overwhelm the space. Testing samples in the actual room helped me find the perfect match for the envisioned atmosphere.

Want to know more about Cici, her dog Locke, and get a hold of more interior tips? Visit her Instagram @lockecici and get inspired!