Nestled on a charming Texas farm, Ashley Chapman and her family are surrounded by over 70 animals, including chickens, goats, and three Great Pyrenees dogs. As the city girl turned countryside enthusiast, Ashley's passion for aesthetics and natural light design led her to chase her dream of building a custom modern farmhouse - a project with a grand vision with love for Mother Earth.


With ample space and creative freedom, she designed a fully customized home with a stunning 32-foot cathedral ceiling great room, complete with two walls of windows for optimal natural light. And, of course, a luxury chicken cottage for their beloved hen flock.

Ashley put a lot of effort into making her home feel like a reflection of her and her family, their personalities and interests. Her favourite piece of the home is an Arteriors Tilda chandelier that became the inspiration for many of the textures and tones they implemented throughout the house. You can find the vintage-inspired chandelier in their master bedroom where it perfectly embodies their modern style while adding the perfect touch of elegance.

"It is definitely a little avant-garde to add wallpaper to a chicken coop."

Even the family's luxury hen cottage was designed to be an extension of their home. It is constructed out of the same materials and follows a similar theme - complete with lovely finishes, organic textures, and pretty light fixtures.

Nature, art, light, minimalism, and simplicity were Ashley's main inspirations during the design process. Her affinity for neutral tones with occasional pops of color, along with her love for incorporating natural elements, strengthened her connection with the earth's beauty. A deep sense of awe and wonder at something greater than oneself.

“Our home makes me feel happy and calm. To be honest, sometimes it feels like we are on vacation.”

Ashley's collection of wallpaper favourites perfectly captures her inspirations, featuring a harmonious blend of earthy and neutral tones, serene organic patterns, lively abstract pieces, and lots of natural elements.

Follow Ashley’s farm life on Instagram: @irisacresfarm