Want to change this image?

Our graphic designers can change colours, add or remove items, change proportions and adjust the image in many different ways. See the step-by-step guide below to learn how the process works.


Describe the change you want to make

Explain and describe. You can also add markers to the image to show what you want to change.


Pay start up fee

Pay a start up fee of £5. This amount will then be deducted from the total cost if you choose to complete the order. Please note that after we have completed the work on the image, you will receive a link by email to place the order for the wallpaper.


We'll edit the image

Our graphic designers will make the changes and get back to you with the edited version and an order link by email. If we are unable to carry out the work on the image, we will refund the start up fee and notify you by email.


Check and order

Complete your order. The start up fee will be deducted from the total at checkout. If you choose not to order, we will keep the start up fee as payment for the image work.



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  • Inches (inch)
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Add comment
Attach image (sketch/example if necessary)
    Tip! You can click on the image to add a label and write a comment.

    Examples of changes

    Black and white

    Change colour



    Colour splash

    Remove objects