Floral Bunny - Wallpaper - Kids Room

Lila + Lola

Lila and Lola is a creative mother and daughter team that creates on-trend wall art with an earthy twist. They are probably best known for their fantastic animal portraits, where theyRead more combine elegance and playfulness in a fantastic way.

The Lila and Lola label was born from motherhood, which gave them a new perspective on life together with a strong desire to create. The duo works mostly with photography, painting and graphic design, and they find their inspiration in nature as well as in modern design. They live in a picturesque mountain region in Australia, and describe it as being a constant environment of boundless inspiration. Furthermore, they often and happily travel around the home country in their small vintage caravan, necessary depicted in their natural motifs that make us long for Australia's stunning coastline and colorful contrasts.

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