Tangled Tree II - Wallpaper - Hallway

Beata Boucht

Beata Boucht was educated at Konstfack and works as a freelance illustrator in Stockholm. Drawing has always been Beata's most natural way of expressing herself and giving form to herRead more voice. Flowers and plants are recurring themes in her visual world where she examines the immense complexity of nature’s grandeur down to its smallest detail.

A self-described maximalist, Beata Boucht’s artistic process consists of using various techniques and materials to create deep and complex patterns by working on a piece in several layers. Her surreal and playful illustrations start out based on detailed pencil drawings done by hand. These are followed with watercolours or gouache to add colour and the piece is finalized with collage techniques and digital processing. Beata’s unique approach renders her artwork elaborate and memorable.

Beata Boucht has created unique illustrations for international brands and magazines such as Dagens Nyheter, The New Yorker, Form Magazine, Fendi, H&M, Coach, and many more. Exclusively for Photowall, Beata Boucht has now created the GREY GARDENS wallpaper collection with seven wallpaper patterns and nine posters.

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