Books have been the gateway to our past and other worlds ever since the first stories were printed. This is why bookshelves canvas prints by Photowall can hold a special place in the Read morehearts of avid readers. It will remind you as to why you fell in love with reading in the first place and bring back those memories of being completely lost in words. Whether you want to create the effect of a study or a library, or just enjoy a reminder of a beloved hobby, bookshelves canvas prints are the easiest way to to do it. Choose from bookshelves canvas prints from all sorts of hues, including black and white, colours of the rainbow and so much more. There is plenty of variety in this category that will make your selection process so much easier. Use bookshelves canvas prints to make your residential, recreational or even corporate space appealing and memorable! As per usual, you can alter your selected items to match, or contrast, with your existing interior design as well as colour schemes.

The allure of bookshelves canvas prints

Bookshelves are basically furniture pieces with horizontal shelves used to store books or other printed materials. These are used in private homes, public and university libraries, offices and bookstores. Some of these environments are also present in this tier of bookshelves canvas prints. Bookshelves may also be fitted with glass doors to protect the books from dust or moisture. This type of bookshelf is very useful for rare books. With bookshelves canvas prints, you will not only be creating a wonderful ambiance in your room, but also make it appear like you have a vast collection of books. In addition to this, these motifs will generate a visually larger room or space which is especially helpful especially for small apartments or smaller living spaces. Motifs such as "Door and Books" are a perfect example of this process. Having bookshelves canvas prints in your interiors will allow you to expand visually but also mentally.

Dealing with space

Speaking of space, we should also always consider the terms of positive and negative spaces when it comes to interior decoration. Positive space is quite simply the thing you are painting, whereas negative space is the space between the object and the rest of the scene. However, this does not mean background is always negative space and vice versa. Using bookshelves canvas prints can also turn the process of positive and negative space on its head, as the gorgeous designs in our assortment, giving strong prominence to the background itself, making it into the subject advertedly or inadvertedly, depending on your overall design or redecoration scheme. Nonetheless, this does not mean that a bookshelves canvas print can not possess a definite character of its own. The winning strategy is combining bookshelves canvas prints with other decorative elements to create visual harmony, balance and character.

The intensity in bookshelves canvas prints

Intensity pertains to the combination or lack thereof of strong colours. Since in paintings, the nearest object will be darker in tone and more saturated in hue, bookshelves canvas prints colours are very important in choosing it according to the aesthetic. However, as the distance grows these colours tend to fade away and thus the colour intensity decreases. This makes the energy of a carefully chosen bookshelves canvas print very crucial. Check out the beautiful "Fantasy Bookshelf", where numerous and very clashing colours are combined in one brilliant bookshelves canvas print, able to look good in any space it is selected to spruce up. Bookshelves canvas prints like these are also ideal for children and their spaces.
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