There is an ancient legend that tells us that all living things were once split in half and thrown to the four corners of the Earth. And we spend our entire existence looking for our Read moremissing half. And only when we are reunited, can we claim ourselves to be truly whole and complete. Photowall offers a great salute to this universal and very romantic precept of all things in creation in its fine collection of couples canvas prints. These wonderful images that depict the pairing of all creatures in our couples canvas prints bring a sense of intimacy and warmth to any urban dweller’s living space. From the Book of Genesis, where man and woman were created by God, not only to co-exist but to support and complement each other, the idea of another half has always appealed to the warmer side of human nature. In the tale of Noah’s ark, the great boat-builder was admonished to load all animals of the land, sea, and air in pairs, never to allow them to live in solitude as a single entity, but always as a couple. These couples canvas prints remind us that needing someone in our lives is not a sign of weakness but of strength.

Together in couples canvas prints

The great Austrian artist Gustav Klimt was known for his colorful and breathtaking depiction of the love of couples for each other. Photowall tips its hat off to these great renditions with “Fulfilment-Gustav Klimt”, “The Kiss, Gustav Klimt”, and “In Dreams II” in its amazing collection of couples canvas prints. These one-of-a-kind images show the great love between man and woman in a manner that is both ethereal and artful. Warm feelings of tenderness and affection are sure to be inspired by these couples canvas prints. Paris is said to be the most romantic city in the world, a place of light and love, and millions of lovers throughout history have walked its cobblestone streets and riverbanks, basking in each other’s adulation. Photowall’s “Eiffel Romance” highlights two lovers holding each other under an umbrella in the pouring rain, with the silhouette of the Eiffel Tower behind them. This particular piece in our couples canvas prints is guaranteed to bring back memories of youth and yearning on all who gaze upon it. Position these couples canvas prints in your living room with flowers underneath them and relive your own love story.

Forever in couples canvas prints

Even in the world of motion picture animation, the media mogul Walt Disney featured The Lady and The Tramp, a fine love story about two dogs falling in love. This tells us that, even in the animal kingdom, love and companionship are still necessities for existence. Photowall shows us this great affection between animals in “All the Boys” in its fine collection of couples canvas prints. This image depicts two squirrels, male and female, perched on the branch of a tree, hugging each other, the caption on the image says All the other boys are a waste of time, but you’re not. This particular image would go well hung on the walls of your kid’s sleep area or playroom, as it teaches them in a very subtle and appropriate manner, the intricacies of love. This is but one of the examples of our splendid couples canvas prints that would do well inside your home. Some of the most famous couples in the world have been immortalized in films, songs, paintings, sculptures, and poetry. Even conventionality gives way to affection when it comes to our new laws on same-sex marriages, giving witness that love may even transcend the boundaries of gender.

Meant to be

The Bard, William Shakespeare once wrote Love’s not love which alters when it alteration finds or bends with the remover to remove. This line refers to loyalty and complete devotion which is a hallmark between couples sharing eternal allegiance to each other. In his immortal play Romeo and Juliet, these star-crossed lovers even reach the point of tragedy and death to prove their passions for one another. It is no wonder then that this most basic of emotions has been the driving force for nearly all momentous deeds, both wonderful and terrible, in the history of our universe. The great general Napoleon Bonaparte displayed his tender side when he wrote his love poems for his beloved Josephine. Not satisfied with this, he went on to give her the gift of a thousand fountains for her birthday. The Taj Mahal in India, which is one of the most beautiful structures in the world, is a tribute to a king’s eternal devotion to his lost queen. Mary and Joseph, perhaps the world’s most significant couple, would be the birth parents of Jesus Christ. So hurry and grab your share of these fine couples canvas prints today.
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