Famous People

Who wouldn’t want to have the faces of famous personalities as murals, displayed on our walls? Transform your walls into something interesting and star studded with the help of PhotowRead moreall and these famous people whom everybody admired for at least once in their lives. People who dominated the radios, televisions, newspaper, and any kind of media back in the days. Almost the whole world looked up to them when they’re in their prime. Famous may be an understatement of how they left anyone starstrucked when they walk past by them. Let these murals do the work of turning your usual walls into a wall of fame!

Stars Art are bright as the Sun

The sun is indeed a bright star—maybe not as bright as the ol’ famous Sirius star—but it is undeniably bright for it is closer to the earth. The only difference between the sun and these people is that these stars are the brightest back in the days. They shined brightly that they can blind anyone by just performing in front of them and maybe smiling at them. Get it? Bring the brightest stars onto your walls with the options Photowall has for you! Jammed to ‘Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend’? This Marilyn Monroe is painting is a perfect match for you! Loved the thriller night with Michael Jackson? Maybe a Michael Jackson mural would be perfect! Fell in love with John Lenon’s voice? This abstract art of him may be a fitting display for your walls. These artworks are as versatile as the Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells! They can match any house or wall motif! They can shine as bright as the sun on their own. You may put these on your living room walls and let your guests remind themselves of how bright these stars shined in their prime, and be a fan together, or maybe listen to their songs again and again. It would also be perfect for a bedroom. Feel nostalgic everytime you glance at these famous people. Of course, Photowall’s collections aren’t just limited to the mentioned three. You may also want to try this Albert Einstein art and bring out the inner physicist and be in awe every time you see this art at the speed of light. That’s a punch in the theory of relativity!

Movie Time with the Stars

Audrey Hepburn’s and James Dean’s photographs are waiting for you to pick them and display them on your walls. They are one of those people who we call ‘superstars’. Almost anyone, even in the modern age, who doesn’t know these personalities. Having them displayed anywhere on our walls would always look great. Their perfect faces and proportions made millions fall in love with them when they starred back then. Moved by the bohemian rhapsody? Freddie Mercury photo mural would be a great match for you. You may also love these scenes from the great movie ‘The Godfather’, and release your inner mafia. Aside from these, there are other choices that you will surely love. Let the murals shift the vibe of your rooms from boring to amazing!
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