Bamse canvas prints under the banner of Comic Arts in Photowall's Entertainment section can now be the saving grace of your interior design style. Having one of Sweden's most popular Read morecartoon characters of all time as your wall decoration can put you at a massive advantage. Photowall's gorgeous collection of Bamse canvas prints will delight not only the children, but the young at heart as well. Did you know that the word Bamse itself comes from a Scandinavian word for "bear" or "teddy bear"? Take note though that Bamse can also be translated to giant, which would make it a misnomer since the character of Bamse is rather small in comparison. Just like Bamse canvas prints, this Swedish children's comic is aimed at the very youngest readers which makes them the ideal decoration at home. The comic was created by Rune Andreasson, who did the all the artwork himself until 1975 and wrote all comics until 1990. As you can tell, Bamse already has quite a history, which translates well into Bamse canvas prints because they give off nostalgia and present joy at the same time. You can also have alterations made to your selected motifs if they need adjustment for your planned interiors.

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The Bamse canvas print "Ballongäventyr" arguably displays the main characters the best. You can see Bamse being the leader, a relaxed Skalman assessing the situation, and a quite timid Lille Skutt doing his best to just hold on. The moral compass of these characters is something that parents all over Scandinavia really appreciate. We can guarantee you will have the same sentiment when you put up Bamse canvas prints. Your children will know that you really want them to have a wall decoration that means something but also entertains. "Bamse - Världens starkaste björn", for example, is such a wonderful scene with child-friendly colours, a familiar setting and these characters that your children will definitely come to love. They will be delighted to show their new wall decoration to their friends and classmates.

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This character in Photowall's Bamse canvas prints started off as a half-page weekly cartoon all the way back in 1966. Even though it has been translated to all the Nordic languages, it also had short runs in both Belgium and the Netherlands. Bamse canvas prints can change the entire appearance of your selected room. Family and friends will undoubtedly fall in love with the cute characters, great scenes and affable colours. This brown bear becomes the world's strongest bear by eating a type of honey called "dunderhonung", which literally translates to "thunder honey". Kids will love the concept of him basically being a bear Popeye from this point of view. Furthermore, this honey is especially prepared for him by his grandmother, adding another emotional note to Bamse canvas prints. Seeing as Bamse is also the kindest bear in the world according to the cartoons, this would make for a great notion to have in a child's bedroom, play space or study area. It can be a parental guide as well as as a stylish background.

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Some say that the lead is only as good as its backup, and this interesting to consider when you look at Bamse canvas prints. Even though the cast has gradually expanded as the series went on, the original trio always consists of Bamse the bear, Skalman the turtle and Lille Skutt the rabbit. You can see all of them in many of these Bamse canvas prints. Skalman is a highly intelligent inventor and could be called the brains of the "operation". Funnily, this character really loves his sleep, as you can see in Bamse canvas prints like "Bamse till sjöss". This fun and vibrant scene will delight any child and they will want to know more about these cute figures. The bear's best friend though is Lille Skutt who is a very fast but easily frightened rabbit. Check him out in Bamse canvas prints such as "Bamse och Dunderklockan". This could be an inspiration for the young ones to have a Bamse canvas print in their space in order for them to become more creative.
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