Ideally, when you decorate your wall, it is something that can be shared with your family, friends and colleagues. This goes especially for geographical themes where it is always usefRead moreul and fun to have facts and trivia to justify your selection. A concrete example is the capital of the beautiful country of Spain, Madrid. If you have Madrid canvas prints by Photowall, people might be interested to know that this gorgeous place is known as the city of the "Bear and the Strawberry Tree". Madrid is one of Europe’s most historically rich cities, which you can see in its wonderful architecture. There is plenty to see of this in Madrid canvas prints. These high-quality and rich in detail Madrid canvas prints can be the crowning touch in your residential, corporate or recreational interiors. As per usual, you have the option to alter these Madrid canvas prints to match or contrast with your existing interior design, overall aesthetic and colour schemes.

Using Madrid canvas prints

Perhaps you want Madrid canvas prints in your room as a reminder of a great trip or as a motivator to work hard so you can visit this magnificent place. These Madrid canvas prints by Photowall will not only make your space pop with visual energy, but can also serve as stimulus to travel. It is interesting to know that after almost two decades of immigration, Madrid is a much more diverse place than it once was, where over 11 percent of the population is not Spanish-born. One common denominator about Madrileños, as they are called, is food. If you listen in on the conversations around you, you will realize that more than half of them are about who ate what for last night and what they will eat later on. Maybe you will be reminded of this little tidbit when you visit the city or look at Madrid canvas prints such as "Madrid City Traffic". The vibrant energy and diverse population can definitely be a reason to put this metropolis on your bucket list.

Strangers in the night

They say that whenever you visit Spain, particularly Madrid, you have to be prepared for a long night. Dinner does not really get going until 10 at night, no one would even think of going to a club before 2 in the morning! A beautiful expression of this unique type of lifestyle can be seen in Madrid canvas prints such as "Madrid City Lights". This specific item can look great in any given room, whether this is the living room in your residence or the board room at the office. For the more dramatic, or perhaps even intimate, maybe you would want to opt for "Mad Madrid, black and white". Rendered in beautiful and classy black and white, this Madrid canvas print exudes so much class and beauty that it will make your room really stand out among the rest.

Wonderful history with Madrid canvas prints

To make your selection of Madrid canvas prints even more meaningful, let us delve a little bit into this city's rich history. Originally named Mayrit, the city of Madrid was founded by the Emir Muhammad at the closing of the ninth century A.D. It came to prominence during the Arab occupation of the Iberian peninsula, but passed into Catholic rule during the reconquest of Spain by the Christians. Madrid became Spain’s de facto capital in 1561 when Philip II chose a location for his court that was smack dab in the middle of the country. You can even see the plaque marking the physical center of the country in the Puerta del Sol. A Madrid canvas print such as "City Map - Madrid" can perhaps be your guide to this vital landmark. Nowadays, Madrid has a vibrant local arts culture and famous nightlife, along with constant reminders of the city’s rich history which even boasts a so-called little Manhattan, in the form of the AZCA Commercial Area, the commercial and financial district of Madrid. You can see a lot of these buildings in Madrid canvas prints such as "Madrid Spain Skyline".
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