Capturing the magnificence of this picturesque city, the Berlin collection of paintings will transport you there in the blink of an eye. With an eclectic mix of beautiful buildings anRead mored reminders of the tragedy of two world wars, these visuals of the upbeat capital city of Germany will keep you entranced for hours. The city dates back to the 13th century, and the abundance of historical architecture makes this stunning collection of canvas prints so diverse it will definitely make a statement in your home. From sunsets to thunderstorms, modern to ancient structures, the collection covers all aspects of this celebrated city.

The Berlin Wall

The Brandenburg Gate is surely one of the better-known monuments in Berlin. It is a symbol of the divided West and East Berlin, allowing visitors to ascend to an observation deck to view behind the Iron Curtain. It was here on 12 June ’87 that President Ronald Reagan issued the momentous command to tear down the Berlin Wall, and after reunification, this monument quickly became a symbol of unity. The Brandenburg Gate at Night canvas print portrays this monument in all its glory, a memorable and enduring example of good overcoming evil, and the strength of character of the German civilians. The two close-ups of the graffiti on the Wall depict both a vintage and a modern style and these canvas prints would enhance any décor. Imagine the delight of your guests as they relax and attempt to decipher all these messages in so many different languages, all offering support to the Germans in the east of the city. The Potsdamer Platz was rebuilt after reunification on the original site after being totally destroyed in World War II, and now represents the new Berlin. This visually stunning canvas print, with shades of light and dark, and the stark modern designs, illustrates the rebirth of this vibrant city.

Architectural excellence

The Oberbaumbrücke (or bridge) transports trains and traffic across the River Spree through beautifully constructed arches. A double-decker structure, it has distinctive mock medieval turrets adding to its mystery and architectural excellence. Deepening the romance, it was a border checkpoint during the Cold War, with guards patrolling the river banks, and was featured in the movie "The Bourne Supremacy". The Berlin skyline, in all shades of weather, varies from soft and indulgent to brisk and busy, but never fails to delight the viewers. The canvas paintings in the collection offer all the aspects of this city, varying between peace and tranquillity and heart-racing excitement. But without a doubt, they are definitely provocative entertainment. The colors of Berlin wall murals as well as the designs can simply blend well to any interior design style that you have. Thus, no need worrying about placing the wall murals to your bedroom, living room, or even in the workplace. Happy decorating!
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