With their delicate faces and bushy tails, foxes are some of the most aesthetically pleasing animals in the wild. Known for their intelligence, playfulness and lithe athleticism, PhotRead moreowall has compiled a collection of foxes canvas prints for you to use as interior decoration. In this category, not only will you find plenty of beautiful motifs, but also learn a thing or two about these amazing creatures. Did you know, for example, that foxes are a member of the dog family but have quite a lot in common with cats? As you will see in foxes canvas prints, they have retractable claws and vertical pupils like cats. Foxes even hunt like cats through stalking, pouncing and playing with their prey. Foxes live on every continent except Antarctica and thrive in cities, towns and rural settings, making them the ideal focal point in any kind of space through foxes canvas prints. No matter if the said space is residential, recreational or even corporate, foxes canvas prints can upgrade your wall decor in an instant.

Types in foxes canvas prints

Throughout history, there have been 37 types of foxes, but only 12 belong to the genus "Vulpes" or "true foxes", although some of them are already sadly extinct. As you might have noticed while perusing foxes canvas prints, the red fox is the most common of the species. Known for their iconic fur and great cunning, the red fox often lives in the northern hemisphere. It can be seen in grasslands, forests and mountains in foxes canvas prints. Its body is long and has a dense fur of reddish colour, with legs that are usually dark like their pointed ears. This is perfectly illustrated in foxes canvas prints like "Fox with Blazing Eyes". The Arctic Fox is another type that is very popular and known for its spectacular winter coat in immaculate white. It lives in the northernmost areas of the hemisphere, can handle cold better than most animals on earth. Aside from the obvious visual appeal, its white coat also camouflages it against predators, like in the foxes canvas print "Artic Fox". As the seasons change, its coat changes too, turning brown or gray so the fox can blend in with the rocks and dirt of the tundra.

Healthy dose of variety

Aside from having different kinds of foxes in this tier, Photowall also makes sure you have plenty of options when choosing what type of wall decor you want. You can go for real life photographs such as "Cross Fox", a stunning image with details so intricate that you can almost feel like the animal is before you. These foxes canvas prints really bring the beauty of nature into your home or office in a stunning fashion. There are also works of art in foxes canvas prints that will elevate your interior decoration onto a whole new level. Kids will certainly delight in pieces like "Little Winter Fox" or "Little Mister Fox". There are also artistic foxes canvas prints for the adults, of course, as you can see in items like "Sweet and Sour". A piece like this would look sublime in the foyer at home, or even at the board room in the office.

Foxes canvas prints and their context

The fox is well known in popular culture, stemming from the fact that in other cultures it is a symbol of strength, power, cunning and speed. Equip your interiors with these traits through foxes canvas prints. As a matter of fact, there are many historical pieces of literature out there that feature this animal. They include Aesop’s Fables and Canterbury Tales, as well as more contemporary fare like children’s stories including Chicken Little, The Little Red Hen, Mr. Fox and so on. In some of these stories the fox is portrayed as deceitful and tricking other characters, while in others though he is portrayed as an outstanding role model to be admired. Whatever your preference is, foxes canvas prints have them for you.
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