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Birds of Prey

Fierce yet beautiful, fragile and free, the bird of prey has always had a secret fascination for humans. Just look at how many legends and myths feature the owl, ranging as widely as Read moreAthena, whose symbol was the owl for her wisdom, to Winnie the Pooh’s dear friend Owl, who may not be all that wise, but is certainly smarter than a bear filled with fluff. While our Birds of Prey themed canvas prints may not actually include the Greek goddess of Wisdom and her pet owl, there will definitely be a canvas print to your liking in this collection.

A wonderful way to add the beauty of the wild into your home

Adding an essence of nature into your home or space is one of the best things to incorporate the beauty of the wild into your rooms. The wonderful thing about nature as a home decor is that it is filled with earthy colors that can help in creating a relaxing and calming home environment. This could really transform how a space looks and feels. It may also be a friendly reminder for you to get outside and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. Birds of Prey wall murals are ideal for city dwellers as these will help them to become closer to nature. Of course we are pretty much far from greenery and other elements of nature, but with a wonderful view or images of the wild, these will take you away from the stressful environment of city life. Your apartment can always have the magnificent view of nature with your choice of Birds of Prey wall mural. Whether you choose a wall mural featuring the magnificent eagle or the old wise owl, your room will surely be impressive and inspiring that you would also love to soar high in the sky. Birds of Prey wall murals are also the ideal design of choice if your want to have a room that will impress your family and friends. These designs can also serve as a learning tool for your little ones as you can use them to teach your kids about these magnificent birds and their importance to the ecosystem. We all know that everyone of us, including plants and animals have our respective place in the surroundings. Birds of Prey also are important just like us.

The world of the Birds of Prey

Birds of prey, or commonly known as raptors include species of bird that primarily feed on vertebrates that are large relative to the hunter. They have keen eyesight for hunting prey from a distance, strong feet equipped with talons for grasping or killing prey, and powerful, curved beaks for tearing flesh. Eagles, for example, are the consummate crown chakra animal. Their energy is all about spiritual vision, and connection if Eagle shows up for you as a confirmation that you are on the right spiritual path. Owls on the other hand are the most mysterious among the raptors. They are nocturnal animals and has incredible night vision. The birds can also turn its head 270 degrees around. These symbolically means deep intuition and full awareness of what is going on at all levels of being. They also have strong connection to the deep feminine. Think about these before choosing the bird of prey that you like. Adding your choice of wall mural can also reflect who you are. In addition to these, you will also have a wonderful room focal point that you will love to flaunt to your family and friends. Happy decorating!
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