Discover the secrets to creating your dream home with our exclusive Live Shopping events! Our team of experts will guide you through the latest trends in wallpapering, interior design, color schemes and offer tips and tricks for seamless installation. Get inspired, ask questions, and elevate your home decor in an immersive experience.

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In the Spotlight  |  Home Makeover

December 6th 
-  7pm CET

Join our Grand Finale December 6th at 7pm as we reveal the Home Makeover of our Instagram giveaway winner. Dive into the world of wallpaper and discover how to transform any space into a work of art.

Style Highlight  |  Fall Interior Trends

October 26th 
-  7pm CET

Join us for another Live Shopping episode as we dive into the season's top interior trends and explore the latest news in wallpaper décor.

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Tutorial  |  How To Wallpaper

Master The Art of Wallpapering

Unleash the art of wallpapering with our exclusive masterclass! Join our Live Shopping event and uncover the secrets to achieving flawless results. From expert tips and tricks to navigating the do's and don'ts, we guide you every step of the way. Get ready to transform your space with confidence!


Home Highlight  |  Kid's Room Edition

Crafting Enchanting Rooms for Children

Discover the beautiful home of the @jjungebrant family as Photowall takes over and unlock the secrets to creating a dreamy oasis for your little ones.

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Style Highlight  |  Living Room

Reinventing Your Living Space

Our first live shopping event - hosted by design expert Simon and joined by Linda, Head of Marketing at
Photowall. Learn from our experts about color trends, wallpaper installation, and interior décor!

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