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Crop your motif to continue!

Click and drag the motif to the part you want to keep. What ends up outside of the square will be cropped off. If you are already satisfied with the cropping, click here.

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Ceilings and walls are not always straight, so we recommend ordering wallpaper with a margin of error of 6-10 cm (2.5-4 inches) in both width and height.

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The dramatic presence of this Archipelago Wallpaper will give your wall a dark yet exquisite character. This wallpaper displays dark-toned botanical art, giving it a sophisticated piece of art full of emotions. Its grainy texture adds to its aesthetics, extending to your entire space. The wallpaper's various black tones, which give the leaves the appearance of being embossed around them and give it a shadowing effect, make it so fascinating. This wallpaper has a very opulent and striking appearance, and the combinations of its artistic components work well in any room of your house. Imagine going about your home with this wallpaper installed to give it personality and form—a truly magnificent wallpaper design.

Give your home interior a focal point

Imagine accentuating this wallpaper with white walls, creating center stage for the dark-hued wallpaper. When we hear the term botanical, the first thing that comes to mind is green, fresh, and lively with plump leaves, flowers, or any presence of nature. But this wallpaper has a unique take on botanical art, making any home interior style look appealing and classy. If you are into modern or contemporary home interiors, this wallpaper is a great inclusion, especially as it can turn an entire wall into a piece of an elegant work of art.

How to decorate with Archipelago Wallpaper

The dark hues of this wallpaper might make your room look gloomy and man-cave if not paired well with other tones. Remember that visual balance is essential when decorating any wallpaper. Incorporating lighter colors into your furniture, upholsteries, and home décor, such as white and ivory, will give your room a well-balanced and lighter ambiance. However, if you feel like adding a few colors to this wallpaper is too plain for your taste, try neutral ones such as brown, beige, cream, and off-white. And if you want to add some electric element inside, adding some gold or silver-toned home décors such as figurines of paintings will result in an elegant and classy home interior.

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