Scandinavian interior style

Scandinavian style and design is renowned for its simplistic beauty. A typical Scandinavian home has a pure and airy feel, with inspiration taken from nature highlighted in its earthy tones and natural materials. Functionality is a central part of a Scandinavian home, which is expressed by clean lines and stunning craftsmanship. This kind of flawless style is achievable in any part of your home, as simple tricks and touches can be added to recreate the character of a Scandinavian home.

Living room

A neutral-looking colour palette is really important; try white walls with grey and blue soft furnishings. You should try Photowall’s Scandinavian Surface designs to add some extra depth into your room. The Weaving Wood Cool Green is perfect to add a splash of understated colour and pattern. For the maximum effect, you could replace your carpet for a light- or white-coloured wood flooring. True Scandinavian interiors are a very liveable space, so don’t be afraid to leave magazines and other items out on display - the whole lived-in look is perfect - and finding the balance between minimal and rustic is all part of the fun. This kind of considered clutter is all part of making your home a space to live in equally as much as something to admire for its minimalist beauty.


The perfect blend of Scandinavian casual elegance is something that you can express in your kitchen. It’s truly the heart of the home, and where functionality can meet effortless elegance. Add a sparing splash of colour and accessories dotted around the kitchen units. Natural oak elements will look fabulous in the form of kitchen worktops or units. Don’t be afraid to have some kitchen appliances out on display that match up to your chosen colour splash. Use further inspiration from nature’s shapes and colours with the Hide and Seek wall mural – glimpses of beautiful green can be echoed with soft furnishings around the room.


A Scandinavian-style bedroom should be tranquil, bright and relaxing. Combine all these elements and you have the perfect space for a good night’s sleep. An all-white bedroom and multi-coloured accents are a brilliant blend. White décor is the epitome of a Nordic home, and the bedroom is where you can display this notion to its fullest. Bright colours work specifically well in a bedroom to keep the style looking fresh, so test them out with soft furnishings such as cushions and bed throws. Madame De Pompadour wall mural features a handful of multi-coloured birds over a composed background – use the colours of the birds and accessorise with purple, yellow and blue accents.