Illusions of a Greater Interior Space

The idea of a smaller space in your home can be at first perceived as a challenge, but it is possible to have minimal space and make it work to your advantage. If your home isn’t the mansion you’d dreamed of, there are a few simple trick-of-the-eye tips that will completely transform your thoughts on space. Utilising a small area correctly and highlighting key characteristics can completely transform a room. Design techniques such as colour, lighting and furniture arrangement can all play a key part in opening up your home.

Clever Colour Contrasts

Clever colour combinations and simple flushes of detail can convert a small space into something of striking simplicity. It’s commonly known that light colours make a room look more airy - natural light is your best friend in a small space. An all-white room with splashes of off-white accents evoke a feeling of spaciousness. You can use light hues such as soft green and blue tones. Use white as a base shade and then choose a feature wall to add some subtle tones.

Let There Be Light

Lighting is the key to opening up the space. If your natural lighting is limited, you can add some simple light fittings to maintain a greater sense of spaciousness. Choose lamps with brightly-coloured fittings - this will give a focus point to the room and help distract from the size. To add a greater illusion of depth, you should add a large mirror as one of the focal points of your room. Mirrors help to bounce light around your room, making it look bigger and brighter.

All About Patterns

Certain patterns and prints can make a room appear bigger - by using trick of the eye techniques you can open up the space entirely. The motif Specular Reflection is a great way to brighten up a room and add in a subtle illusion of space; this type of motif with vertical lines can make a room feel taller if your ceilings are particularly low. Wall murals with small prints on is another great way to add detail and take focus off the size of the room. Photowall’s designer wallpaper section features some fantastic prints that will open up your room. Lile Sadi’s use of feminine florals are contemporary and abstract – her Soft Triangle motif will add depth and deception of space.