• Create Easter finery with wallpaper

    17 April, 2014


    This Easter we are making beautiful decorations for the Easter table from our favourite wall murals. In the picture we have used Maria Bergström’s wonderful wall mural Mountain Line from the collection Graphic Ink. Choose your favourite design and invite friends to an Easter craft breakfast – the perfect way to start the Easter holidays.

    For more inspo, check out our Pinterest Easter board.

  • New wallpaper collection – Wallpaper Stories

    10 April, 2014

    Today we are happy to present our latest wall mural collection Wallpaper Stories – created by some of Sweden’s leading graphic designers and illustrators. This collection is the result of the wallpaper design competition we held together with Illustratörcentrum, Sweden’s largest agency in visual communication, and its more than 1,400 members.

    The competition’s renowned jury has handpicked five exciting designs which jointly make up the Wallpaper Stories collection and the designs are unified by its desire to tell a story.

    The collection contains five designs created by the illustrators Anna-Maria IvstedtMaria WahlströmGustaf ÖhrnellHenrik Franklin, and Eva Lindgren, and they are available as made-to-measure wall murals costing 41 EUR per square metre.

    Read more about the illustrators and the motifs stories below.


    Anna-Maria Ivstedt – Squares

    Jury’s statement:
    “In this elegant yet playful wall mural, hard geometry is combined with soft brushstrokes. The pattern is both classic and contemporary, like a modern update of Viola Gråsten’s classic patterns from the 1950s.”

    Anna-Maria IvstedtAnna-Maria Ivstedt studied at the London College of Communication, Chelsea College of Art and Design and has received the Borås Cultural Award 2013 for Innovation in Textiles & Art area.

    Anna-Marias story about her motif :
    “My pattern  Squares is inspired by ‘Pojagi’, a Korean patchwork technique that was developed in the 1300s. Pojagi textiles were used for all sorts of things in the house and was a smart way for women to re-use fabrics. Craft traditions like these are extremely important and interesting, really worth paying attention to. My patterns in subdued gray tones with black lines provide a powerful and modern feel at the same time as the woven textile detail adds a beautiful softness.”


    Maria Wahlström – Notepad

    Jury’s statement:
    “Drawing on the wall is now allowed. This wall mural with patterns from different kinds of notepad is based on a strong conceptual idea that also works visually and inspires creativity. Works equally well in a workspace or playroom.”

    Maria WahlströmMaria Wahlström is a trained textile designer at the Industrial Art School in Gothenburg and has designed products for IKEA and worked as a lecturer at the University of Borås.

    Marias story about her motif:
    “When our son Carl-Axel was a teenager, I put some markers in the bathroom and said we were free to draw and write on the tiles. Everyone, especially Carl-Axel’s friends’ liked the idea and formed both serious and humorous thoughts. My pattern Notepad has its own graphic expression, at the same time as they can inspire others to do more personal walls.”


    Gustaf Öhrnell – Merry Maritime Map

    Jury’s statement:
    The map images, typography and illustrations in this wall mural inspire journeys into a world of fantasy. The execution is exquisite, from the retro feel in the dove-blue colour to the handwritten font. The dreamy atmosphere lead one’s thoughts.”

    Gustaf_ohrnellGustaf Öhrnell is a freelance illustrator with a degree from Konstfack in Stockholm, Graphic Design and Illustration.

    Gustafs story about his motif:
    “When I was a kid I loved the hand drawn maps that were found in Tolkien and CS Lewis books. I used to draw my own, various geographically and impossible fantasy worlds – and in these creations i saw myself living in these foreign countries. I wanted to revive my old interest, and create a different wallpaper motif. One that calls for exploration like the ones I did as a child.”


    Henrik Franklin – Big spaces in small places

    Jury’s statement:
    “Thanks to the wealth of detail and highly driven craftsmanship in this surreal black and white wall mural, there is always something new to find. At the same time, there is a meditative calm in the flow of images, which is rich with associations. An extremely creative wall mural somewhat reminiscent of Öyvind Fahlström or Hieronymus Bosch.”

    Henrik FranklinHenrik Franklin studied at Konstfack in Stockholm as well as HDK  in Gothenburg and he works with illustrations and animations.

    Henrik’s story about his motif: 
    “A pattern created from a joyful drawing. Without a mandate, a ultimate goal or conceptual ambitions. The image was built piece by piece, until it had become something of itself.”


    Eva Lindgren – Cone

    Jury’s statement:
    “A classic repeat pattern with a modern touch and a three-dimensional feeling of depth. Art Deco for the digital age.”

    Eva Lindgren

    Eva Lindgren studied at art school in Örebro and works with painting, graphics and sculpture.

    Evas story about her motif: 
    “I saw a picture of a boy with a collar and a skirt made of lotus flowers which inspired me to start drawing sheets in stock. Since I love William Morris patterns and I have seen how powerful and characteristically a room can become with a patterned wallpaper, I wanted to create something that still feels more modern and brighter than his little meandering dark patterns. A detailed decorative surface that stays in place on the wall surface by its color, graphic density and repetition. Leaves on leaves that stay inside a cone or in a leaf hut.”

  • New collection: Graphic Ink by Maria Bergström

    19 March, 2014

    Today we present the results of our latest collaboration with the Swedish designer Maria Bergström: the collection Graphic Ink . The collection consists of playful graphic motifs in beautiful pastel tones.


    Light hovering feathers, mountain landscapes formed by graphic triangles and ink confetti drops. The motifs in Graphic Ink have been inspired by the meeting between chance and total control.


    The collection is available exclusively from Photowall. All five designs are available as made-to-measure wall murals costing £33 per square metre.

  • A fresh take on wall murals

    27 February, 2014

    Today we are launching a brand new wall mural collection. The aim is to take the classic wall mural one step further – a little more crazy, fun and daring. It’s time for wall mural 2.0.

    What happens when you think outside of the conventional wall mural motifs? If you skip the forests, beaches and city views? The results can be seen in Photowall’s and Noll Images’ innovative new wall mural collection. Photographers like Joel RhodinKarolina Henke and Henrik Halvarsson are behind several of the motifs.




    The collection comprises 36 carefully selected, unexpected and surprising motifs representing everything from coloured circus tents to laughing plastic whales.


    All the motifs are available as made-to-measure wall murals for GBP 31 per square metre. The interior images for the collection were photographed by Dennis Blomberg and styled by Petra Bauer.



  • DIY tips for Valentine’s Day

    14 February, 2014


    This year we will surprise our loved ones with candy cones made out of our favorite wallpaper motifs. Very easy to make and very sweet to get. In this picture we have chosen Soft triangles designed by the design studio Lilesadi and Colorform Mint designed by Kindra Murphy. Choose your favorite motif and get creative!



  • New wall mural collection: High Above by Lilesadi

    22 January, 2014

    Today we are launching a brand new, exciting wall mural collection High Above  from the Dutch design studio Lilesadi. The collection is inspired by graphic structures and wild animals in barren mountainous landscapes.


    Our personal favourite Soft Triangles is shown above – a hot tip for renewing, say, your hall this spring.


    The collection comprises four motifs available as made-to-measure wall murals costing £33 per square metre. The inspiration comes from animals and nature – something that is  easy to see in the playful motifs.

  • X-rayography – Where Art meets Science

    7 January, 2014

    beyond-light-eucalyptus-photowallCombining science with art in a visually stunning way – X-Rayography uses actual X-Ray images to create photography using the beauty that lies behind the subject. Although this is by no means a new phenomenon, it’s an art form that’s surprisingly uncommon in the photography world.

    We’re exploring the talent of Dutch artist, Albert Koetsier; and are incredibly proud of Albert’s collaboration with us as part of our Designer Wallpaper collection. Albert was fascinated by the mechanics of photography and from a young age he began building and collecting cameras. What initially was a hobby later grew to become Albert’s vocation; and after graduating from University in the late 60’s, Albert started his career as an X-Ray Technician – it was here that both his passion for photography and his chosen field collided.

    ‘Beyond Light’ is Albert’s beautiful collection of work which incorporates X-Rays of flowers, shells and nature. Traditionally an X-Ray has been a method purely reserved for medical practice; but with Albert’s driving passion and sheer dedication, he has successfully managed to transform the artistic perception of many. Albert Koetsier’s stunning ‘Beyond Light’ collection can be purchased in canvas prints and wall murals from here.

    beyond-light-ginko-biloba-photowallAlbert Koetsier is able to tell a beautiful story through positioning of the X-Rayed elements and the raw beauty which lies beneath the surface. Once the positive is developed he coats the composition with the same paints used over a century ago in daguerreotypes and postcards. It’s evident that Albert’s practice is influenced heavily by these antique images; and emulating this highlights his keen interest in the preservation of historical photography. The images Albert creates will not fade like a painting or discolour over time like a digital print. Each piece is a true painted photograph, and one of only fifty of each type are produced.

    Today, Albert Koetsier’s work is greatly admired by many people from across the globe. His award-winning photography is both poetic and symbolic. Albert’s work reveals inner structures, invisible to the eye at first sight. The result is a pretty and resistant piece of unique art with translucent, yet firm and crisp shapes. Albert’s work has the ability to transform any room, the use of distinct lucid shapes allow the wall art to work in harmony with your furnishings but also be a focal point of your room. Albert’s carefully crafted pieces work really well if you’ve chosen a more minimalist theme – the almost ghostly silhouettes pick up minimalist furniture lines extraordinarily well, and therefore compliment the simple shapes reflected in his work.

  • Pantone’s 2014 Color is: Radiant Orchid

    5 December, 2013


    Today Pantone announced the “it” colour for 2014. Radient Orchid is the name of the color that, according to Pantone, will be extra hot next year. The color is described as an enchanting harmony of purple with pink undertones. A creative and captivating shade - perfect as an accent color to white, gray and beige. So, we’re guessing that it’s safe to say that purple wallpaper is going to be the big thing next year.
  • This year’s best Christmas gift tips

    2 December, 2013


    It’s already December and time to start shopping for Christmas gifts. Our best gift idea this year is a made-to-measure canvas print. Choose from more than 3,000 different designs, from famous Disney characters to illustrated design motifs.

    To make things even easier for you, we have selected our very best Christmas gift ideasRemember to stay ahead of the game and order now! We’ll deliver your order within 4-6 days.


  • New wallpaper collection – Vintage Cities

    20 November, 2013


    Today we are launching a brand new wallpaper collection: Vintage Cities. The motifs depict well-attended and popular cities such as Rio de Janeiro, New York, Rome and Paris - all with a vintage inspired feel.

    The best thing with this collection is definitly the opportunity to experience the heartbeat of the city from your own home. The silhouette of the Eiffel Tower  at sunset, an aerial shot of New York’s skyscrapers and a double-decker’s journey along the streets of London. Beautiful designs to be inspired by.


    The collection includes 10 motifs which are available both as wall murals and canvas prints. The wall murals cost £26 per square metre and the canvas prints start at £18.