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    New motifs by Lemon – patterns inspired by the forgotten treasures of everyday life

     When you are in the moment and actively searching for inspiration all around you, you will discover amazing things. 

    Today we launch our second design collaboration with South African design studio Lemon. The Haphazard Places collection features 13 individual wallpaper patterns all inspired by details from everyday life. 

    In this picture we’ve used the Arrow Pink design from the collection Haphazard Places.

    Following last year’s successful collaboration with Lemon, it seemed only natural for us to continue the collaboration and launch new patterns. The design studio has a great sense for colour and shape which gives the wallpapers a harmonious feeling and captivates us, says Amber Johnson, Photowall’s Product and Design Manager. 

    The South African design studio takes much of its inspiration from the small details of everyday life that are often overlooked. The studio’s new wallpaper collection, Haphazard Places, features mountainous landscapes in muted shadesabstract patterns and geometric shapes in black and white. In creating this collection, Lemon allowed for a more random process where anything from a scrap of paper on the ground to graffiti on a wall in central Johannesburg can be used as sources of inspiration. This inspiration was then broken down into modern graphic patterns well suited for all homes and decor styles. 

    This image shows the motif Misty Landscape Blue.

    We are interested in how graphic language design can work within an already existing space. When you are in the moment and actively searching for inspiration all around you, you will discover amazing things, Kevin Frankental, co-founder of Lemon, explains. 

    You will also note how the African inspiration for the wallpaper collection is manifested in the wallpaper patterns but with a softer and more toned-down look. Traditional African patterns and the nature of Africa, with its mountainous silhouettes and swaying palm trees, inspired parts of the collection. 

    Tribe Peach

    The inspiration behind Tribe comes from 90’s abstract art and mid-century furniture, but our main source of inspiration has been the beautiful patterns found on the African continent. Our best design comes from random moments of inspiration and sought-after beauty in our everyday life, Frankental concludes. 

    The Haphazard Places collection contains 13 hand-picked designs, all in different colour schemes. The motifs are available to order from Photowall as made-to-measure wall murals for £29 per square metre. 

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