Tulips wallpaper features what many might consider as some of the most beautiful and popular flowers in the entire world. With Photowall's high-quality selection, you can now bring thRead moree beauty of spring into your home, recreational space and even the office. You will also learn a thing or two along the way when you peruse tulips wallpaper. Did you know that at one point the tulip's popularity reached soaring heights and they were so expensive that they were even valued higher than most homes? If you love the silky petals of the tulip flower or are fond of the soft pink blooms, you will most definitely find tulips wallpaper that work for you. Bring an extra dimension of nature to your living, or working, space with stylized paintings and illustrations. With a wide variety of designs and colour schemes to choose from, you will have your choice of decorative ideas with tulips wallpaper. Upgrade your residential, recreational and even corporate interiors with this fine selection. As per usual, your chosen tulips wallpaper can be modified to complement your interior design style and colour schemes.

A worthwhile decoration

The colours of these flowers can mean many different things. Red, for example, is associated with true love, while purple symbolizes royalty and yellow represents cheerful thoughts and sunshine. White tulips, on the other hand, are used to claim worthiness or to send a message of forgiveness. If you gift someone the tulips wallpaper "Bohemian Tulips", you will certainly be forgiven in an instant. All kidding aside, tulips will enable you to say a lot without speaking. The beauty of tulips wallpaper is that you can express things with works of art that really display and convey different emotions. You can also use the vagueness of tulips wallpaper like "Magnificent Tulips" as the perfect gift to give someone you admire. It can signify a fresh start, especially for someone who is just moving into a space. The various meanings this flower carries with it will give them leeway in terms of establishing a mood.

Tulips wallpaper and history

The name "tulip" comes from the shape of the flower, where the word itself can be traced from the Persian "delband" meaning turban. Another reason why it is linked to Turkey is that the Turkish decorated their turbans using tulip stems. In tulips wallpaper, you not only have eye-candy, but also an important flower in many cultures. Its origin was in the Ottoman Empire although it was discovered earlier in Central Asia. During the 16th century, there was massive importation into Holland where they were used in various paintings and festivals. As a result, Holland is now known for the cultivation of tulips and is its largest producer and exporter. You will see why when you view tulips wallpaper by Photowall. The Dutch grew so fond of the flower that they are now unerringly connected to it. A typical Dutch landscape with some beautiful tulips in it is probably a familiar sight to you. Perhaps tulips wallpaper can be an inspiration for you to make the trip to the Netherlands, or act as a beautiful reminder of time spent there.

Things to know

The tulip can actually boast of many different types, but the most prominent are the Darwin Hybrid Tulips which produce long-lasting flowers on strong stems with brilliant colours that show up beautifully in the landscape. There are also Triumph Tulips which make up the largest group of tulips and offer the widest range of colours, as you might have already noticed in tulips wallpaper. Double Tulips are long-lasting, semi-double to double flowers that bear a striking resemblance to double Peonies. You can find examples of these in our selection of tulips wallpaper. It can be a fun activity for you and your loved ones to identify which is which in this category by Photowall. "Oh the Tulips" is a great example of this, because there are different kinds in this particular work of art. For a very elegant scene in your chosen interiors, use the various flowers in the tulips wallpaper "Poppies and Striped Tulips". This will make your wall decoration classy and sophisticated.
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