Stone & Rocks

Stone and rocks have been part of the human household ever since the beginning of time. In the beginning they had the most practical uses, but now in modern times they are used moreRead more as decorative element or as keepsake. Bring the endless relationship we have with these amazing things by utilising a high quality, richly detailed and fabulously coloured stone & rocks wallpaper. Photowall's excellent lineup of stone & rocks wallpaper is a guaranteed decor hit for your home, office or other personal space. You always have the option of adjusting these pieces in the stone & rocks wallpaper selection according to your overall design plan, different colour schemes and personal aesthetic.

The vital difference in stone & rocks wallpaper

First of all, we need to establish the difference between a stone and a rock for you to make the ideal choice of your stone & rocks wallpaper. A stone is essentially a rock that has been modified by a human activity for some application, like crushing rocks to make gravel, carving rocks for sculptures and blocks, gems and so on. A rock is a solid material comprised of a mixture of minerals which may or may not be weathered, but any modification done to it is of purely of natural origin. So basically, the difference between a stone and a rock and is that rock refers to the raw material while stone is rock after human intervention. Nonetheless, both make for fascinating subjects to put up in your room, where you cannot go wrong with Photowall's stone & rocks wallpaper assortment.

The marble in stone & rock wallpaper

Marble is coming back big time in the interior design world. Although it is thought that many people picture it as a cold stone which is far from sleek and modern, the latest trends prove that this is not true. As always, the key to keeping the interior fresh is moderation. Stone & rocks wallpaper featuring marble is an excellent option both for interior and exterior walls, as marble adds a stylish touch into any residential, commercial or recreational space especially when combined with other matching materials. Green Marble is a superb example of this, with the unique and strong design complimenting the more soothing and calm tone it has. This would look good in any home or office for sure.

The granite in stone & rocks wallpaper

Granite is quite a bit different looking than marble because it is much more grainy in appearance. Although granite is commonly white, pink, gray or even green, with Photowall you have the option of adjusting the colour tone according to your personal design wishes. In this stone & rocks wallpaper selection you will mostly find very natural looking, soft complementary colors that are always classic and elegant. Take Unearth - Granite for example, a beautiful and timeless motif that will elevate any room into sophistication.

Bringing the sea into your space

When striding along the coast and enjoying the salty breeze of the ocean, we often find ourselves gathering sea stones. The sea stones unearthly beauty transform us back into children, as the fascination with the seven seas is eternal. With a stone & rocks wallpaper that highlights sea stones, you can use it as a tool for an interior design that is marine in style and also expresses your eco-friendliness. Colorful Sea Stones is really lovely and makes you almost feel like you are the beach yourself.
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