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Getting a child to appreciate the walls of their rooms can be quite the undertaking, because most kids would rather spend their time outdoors. Providing them with an interesting wall Read moredecoration is therefore a must, since sometimes the weather or season does not permit them to go outside. Photowall's surface & textures wallpaper under the banner of Children can help you in that aspect by giving you unique designs, affable colours and an affinity for art. We all know that things like surfaces and textures are often overlooked because we take them for granted, especially by the young ones who have a short attention span. However, if you isolate a specific surface or texture, it brings out a trait of individualism, making the contrast pop and letting a child express their individuality. Thus it is important that a child's room contains not just an appropriate theme, but also these two elements to make it stand out and be memorable. Surface & textures wallpaper by Photowall can literally transform any room from ordinary to spectacular. They will appreciate the lush colours of the works of art and the aesthetic impact it lends their space.

Decorating with surface & textures wallpaper

If you choose a design that adds depth and pattern it will animate the room and give it a hip, lively ambience. Use surface & textures wallpaper by Photowall if you are intending to create energy within your space. Other examples of surface & textures wallpaper can have a more calming effect in the space while adding an artistic touch. If you want to take it even one step further and place a contrasting texture directly against the surface & textures wallpaper, it will definitely enhance the vista even more. In other words, you can adjust the visual weight of a place by adjusting the distance between the two contrasting surface & textures wallpaper. Maybe your kids want a sleek surface & textures wallpaper of marble or granite. Similarly, if you fancy more traditional rooms, choose surface & textures wallpaper that have a stony or rougher exterior that will give it a cozier, idyllic feel. Remember that every room needs a contrasting element to emphasize the overall look you want to achieve. This rings especially true for children's rooms, as these tend to have a common theme.

More factors to consider

Surfaces and textures provide visual weight, since most of us do not want our rooms to be nondescript. Living spaces should be able to capture your attention and keep it there, especially when it comes to a kid's room. Surface & textures wallpaper is one of the best tools designers use to create the aforementioned visual weight in a room. This can raise the ocular heft within the walls of a space by an overall increase in the composition. A well-placed piece of surface & textures wallpaper creates the perceived sense of touch for whoever lays eyes on your interior decoration. "Inverted White Wall" is another vibrant example of colour being the elevating component in decoration, even though in this case it is done very subtly. These are the types of vibrant images you will find in surface & textures wallpaper. Works of modern art such as this will do wonder for your child's bedroom, play area or study space.

Surface & textures wallpaper samples

The aforementioned set of surface & textures wallpaper also comes in shades of red and blue, if you are so inclined. Although the red variation might be a bit overwhelming for a very young kid's eyes, it could work in a variety of ways. "Marble Breeze - Blush" is another gorgeous example of how surface & textures wallpaper for children transcend their intended audience. This magnificent background can look as good in a child's room as it can in the board room at the office. This is a surface & textures wallpaper that gives off that classy and cozy look that we all seek at some point in our lives. Make it happen with Photowall's surface & textures wallpaper!
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