Baby's first room is a place for snuggles and play and a cosy, relaxing day. Style your nursery with beautiful wallpaper, wonderful colours and inspiring decorative details – this is Read moreour advice when decorating your baby’s room. Baby is coming soon – so there’s no better time to decorate the nursery. Browse colours, wallpaper patterns, details and baby products. A good way to get started is to think about how you want to use the room. Do you need a cot, a comfy chair and a changing table, or do you just want it to be cosy and stylish? Babies aren’t old enough to have a say yet, so you can decorate the nursery however you want. But if you want to avoid having to redecorate too much and want the room to evolve as baby grows, select furniture, wallpaper and decor that you can update instead of replacing entirely.

Wallpaper tips for nurseries

Wallpaper in pastel colours, playful patterns or motifs that stimulate learning, such as A Bugs World – Pink by Sne design, or Team Hawaii’s ABCedarian. You are free to choose in the nursery, but bear in mind that you and your baby will likely spend a lot of time there, even if baby sleeps in another room, so it's important that the wallpaper brings happiness and harmony to the room. Start with the colours you like and then choose between lively motifs where you can find new details almost every day, or a stylish wallpaper in sober colours – check out Acne JR’s Chester – Grey or Andreas Engesvik’s Rain Sky. The walls are not the only surface you can wallpaper in a nursery. This is a room where wallpaper on a door, or part of the wall, or the ceiling can make all the difference. Our Solar System and Reflection Nebula wallpaper motifs are perfect for wallpapering ceilings. You can also combine paint and wallpaper, or choose two of your favourite motifs that match. For example, pick out the main color of a busy wallpaper by pairing it with another, calmer motif. You don't need to limit yourself to kiddy patterns when selecting motifs for nurseries. Nursery wallpaper can be anything from repeat patterns to classic motifs, from soothing forests to intricate abstracts. Check out the likes of Cecilia Carlstedt’s Cosmic Abstraction, By May’s Confetti, or Lilesadi’s Marble 2.0 Nude.

Styling details and tips

The most important thing when decorating a nursery is that everyone should feel at home there, whether adult or baby. Keep furniture to a minimum and prioritise extra floor space for when baby starts to crawl or just wants to kick back in the baby gym. A cosy mat to play on and an entrancing baby mobile over the changing table are our top tips. Go for good storage for teething rings and building blocks, too, so it's easy to tidy up for the night. If baby will be sleeping in the room, try ambient lighting, a musical baby mobile to hang over the cot and a comfy place for an adult to sit.

How to furnish a nursery

It’s important to always keep as much floor space free as possible. Most nurseries have a small number of carefully selected items of furniture, so we have collected our top tips for furnishing the room: Do not have heavy things such as shelves or a lamp above the cot – they might seem threatening. If possible, do not put the head of the cot under the window as the light could distract baby when it's time to sleep. Placing the head of the cot against a wall creates a greater sense of security. Go for good storage in the nursery, but remember that chests of drawers and bookshelves need to be screwed to the wall so that they can't tip over when baby starts standing up. Put the storage within baby's reach if possible. When baby has started crawling, our best advice is to have nice storage boxes on the floor so that colorful toys are within easy reach.

Good lighting

Lighting means more than you might think in a nursery. It depends on how you’re going to use the room, of course. You’ll need good general lighting if there’s a changing table, but ambient lighting is especially important for snuggles and play. Get a ceiling light, preferably with a dimmer, and add fairy lights for a cosy vibe and a bedside or table lamp that can be left on at night if baby wants a little light. A night light also makes it easier to check on baby at night.

DIY tips with and without wallpaper

There's a lot you can do yourself to decorate a nursery. If you’re good with your hands, you can make unique picture rails, storage boxes, and even furniture. But you can use wallpaper for smaller projects – for everything from colourful pennants, a baby mobile to hang over the cot, or decorative cut-outs of stars, balls, feathers, or perhaps balloons. Use leftover wallpaper or wallpaper samples for a project that’s sure to be loads of fun with charming results. Visit our blog for tips and wallpaper crafting guides.
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