Whether you use them in a traditional way or in a completely contemporary manner, decorating with striped wallpaper is a great way to get a stylish look and bring some character to Read moreyour space. They have the power to reshape a room depending on how and where they are used, while adding a fresh, polished element to a residential, commercial or even recreational space. Striped wallpaper also beautifully mixes with grids, floral, and many other patterns, which means that these motifs can be used just about anywhere. Another great thing about striped wallpaper is that it is very versatile. You will see and learn more about this in Photowall's excellent lineup of high quality, rich in detail and lush with colour striped wallpaper, which you can also adjust according to your aesthetic and interior design.

Vertical or horizontal striped wallpaper

Traditionally speaking, vertical striped wallpaper has been the common way to go, as they create the illusion of height thus making ceilings appear higher than they really are. A tone-on-tone colour scheme creates a comfy and soothing look that is classy and beautiful. As colours become more contrasted in striped wallpaper, the look gets more powerful and strong. Horizontal striped wallpaper on the other hand is a little edgier and more modern, perhaps even more bold. They make rooms feel wider and can elongate spaces, just like with clothes in real life. Horizontal striped wallpaper is also often said to be more playful, as the variety of colours and widths feels new, fun and fresh. As we delve further into the striped wallpaper selection, you will see many concrete examples of this with a varied assortment that is guaranteed to make your picking a lot easier and especially convenient.

Tips for using striped wallpaper

First and foremost, avoid using striped wallpaper with colours that clash. Stripes are graphic enough on their own to create impact, so it's important to use colours that either contrast or come from the same colour group, depending on what look you're going for. Clashing colours in striped wallpaper will make the space look cluttered and distracted rather than graphic and punchy. Also very noteworthy is to be sure to counteract stripes with less busy design elements in your home, office or any other space you have chosen to remodel or redesign. Like for example if you have striped wallpaper, solid furnishings are probably the way to go. One of the most important factors to consider when using striped wallpaper is the size of the room. The larger the room, the wider the stripes should be. Mixing wide and skinny horizontal striped wallpaper also works really well in rec rooms and children's rooms because they create a very playful look. Stripe Purple is a fine item of this notion, which could delight and spruce up any room.

The importance of colour in striped wallpaper

Undoubtedly striped wallpaper should ideally match your interior colour scheme, as previously mentioned. If the striped wallpaper appears to be too distracting, it is better to pick one colour from it and incorporate it in the rest of the room's design. Stripes not necessarily have to be straight, which makes a piece from striped wallpaper like Litted Strings - Grey stand out. The unique design and the elegant shades of dark grey really can bring a room the necessary touch of character.
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